Pay off debts (12/2011)

Weigh < 200 pounds (6/2011)

Become a non-smoker (11/2010)

Contact nephew to see if he wants Christmas decorations (10/2010)

Start business for taking medical transcription jobs (1/2011)

Buy work computer (1/2011)

Get medical transcription certification (1/2011 - 6/2011)

Choose Class A (Winnebago)

Purchase Class A

Choose toad (10/2010) 

Purchase Toad (10/2010)

Purchase and set up towing of toad (with brake buddy)

Sell truck (10/2010)

Join Escapees RV club

Auto & home insurance for rig

Pull my stuff I want to keep out of the house and into the rig

Buy personal laptop and transfer computer info to it.

Clean desktop computer for sale.

Set up rig on site & move in (friend's field) (end of 3/2012)

Put home on the market

Purchase containers to fit stuff and rig

Notify family/friends to come take what they want from home

Interview Estate Sale Service (A+A Estate Wizards & Denver Gypsy Boys)

1 month notice to job (quit long term job 10/2010)

Hold Estate Sale (3 or 4/2012)

Sell home

Decide on mail forwarding service (mom or Livingston, TX)

Update will

Health Insurance

Disability Insurance

Road service plan for rig

Insurance to return rig & transport me and transport brother to me in case of emergency

Packet to emergency contact with all info and passwords