Friday, December 31, 2010


Things are great here.  Dogs are sleeping!  Christmas with the family went well.  Cookie baking was a fiasco.  I have pics I'll post soon.  Now, just getting ready for the new job.  I hate to shop! 

I hope the New Year finds you all safe and well.  Be gentle with each other.  I'm so thankful you are here. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Let's All Do the "WE're employed" dance

Just got off the phone and immediately jumped up to wiggle around the house and dance with the doggies.  BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!  Thanks for hanging in here with me Blogland! 
Thanks for all the prayers and crossed fingers and good thoughts.  HURRAY FOR US!  I Got the Job I Wanted Most!!  YEAH!!!!  Time to start off on another path!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!  Tomorrow, I start my cookie baking adventure!  I'll get pics and let you know how it goes.

Monday, December 20, 2010

drum, drum, drum, (can you hear my fingers tapping?)

The second interview went very well.  I really like the people I would be working with.  Good vibes!!  It just felt like a place I would like to be.  The boss said they would let me know today.  They checked my references on Friday.    If I stare at the phone, can I will it to ring?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Baby Step Forward

Second interview for the research job today.  The more people I meet and the more I learn about the job, the more I want it.  They are so warm & friendly.  Hopefully, my enthusiasm for the job will win them over.  They said they would let me know on Monday.  Thanks for all the crossed fingers, good thoughts, positive vibes, and prayers.  Keep it up!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I had a nice time with my mom.  The first time I have gotten to decorate with her for many years.  The dogs got to spend the day in the back yard and were DOG tired when we got home :0)  We bought some of the new LED Christmas Tree lights.  They are multi-colored and very bright.  I'm sure the tree will look fabulous once the sun goes down. 

Here is my favorite Christmas decoration of all time.  She has been at every Christmas.  The run in her wings is something I did, when I was playing with her (many years ago).  If I wind up the bottom, she plays silent night and spins slowly.  One of those things that has had a place in my Christmas forever.  If she could talk, I'm sure she would have some stories.  Then again, her eyes are closed.  Her stories might be from an unusual perspective :0)

I finished my second interview for the home health job yesterday.  I went to my first interview for the research job yesterday.  I really want that research job!  I have my second interview for the research job on Thursday.  The weather is FABULOUS today.  Days like this remind me how much I like living in Denver.  I'm feeling great, it's just that pesky lack of income thing that is bugging me a little :0)   I will commence cookie baking on Monday.  I'll get pics and keep you posted.  Keep your fingers crossed for the research job!

This will be the first time, in many years, I have had ALL the holidays off (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years day).  At my old job, we had to pick which two holidays we could have off and work the others. 

  • Beautiful weather today so I can open the windows
  • Happy dogs
  • Netflix to keep me entertained.
  • Fabulous family and time off to enjoy them.
  • Options, options, options!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Movie Day

Had a great time at lunch on Monday.  I do miss my friends from the old job.  Everyone is so busy, I keep in touch with them when I can.  I have interview for a research job on Monday.  I am an excellent fit for this job, I hope they realize it.  I've decided I would rather work for less money and less stress.  Fingers crossed. 

Today I'm watching movies from Netflix while I wait for the phone to ring.  I love a good action flick.  I saw "The Expendables" today.  I enjoyed all the comedy and special effects action.  Because it's a Sylvester Stallone, I had to turn on the captioning to understand all the jokes :0)  Lot's of big booms, Gore and Fireworks.  Good ole Stallone movie.  The other movie I watched was Shrek 2.  Was o.k., but not my favorite animated movie. 

Tomorrow, the pups and I will go to help mom put up Christmas decorations.  Since I'm not working, I can do things like that.  There are silver linings.  I will try to get some pics for you.

  • Trash pick-up so I don't have to haul everything to the junk yard
  • Warm house.  It's cold & dreary hear today. 
  • Nicotine lozenges so I don't have to smoke. 
  • Love my family! that love me back.
  • Goofy, silly, stinky dogs :0)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting my Own Health Insurance

I have learned things during my unemployed time.   I thought it would be true that if I had trouble with money, on the road, I could easily settle in and work a nursing job for a few months.  I assumed it would take me less than one month to find such a job, just about anywhere.   Now I know that is not true.  Good lesson.  Now I know that I will need more money in reserves before I go.  Since I'm not, yet, medicare age, I knew I would need to get my own health insurance when I was self-employed on the road.  During this jobless time, I also sought to get some major medical health insurance.  I had been focused on quitting smoking because I knew smokers had to pay about $100 more, per month, for insurance.  I'm all about keeping my budget down when I live on the road :0)  Something I hadn't realized... obesity is a pre-existing condition.  They don't call it that, but I can't get ANY health insurance at this weight.  My only option would be to sign up for the high-risk pool, run by CO and set up after the health care reforms were passed.   Detail is that they expect you to be a resident of CO for at least 6 mos.  And, of course I have to live here.  I couldn't sign up for the high risk pool until my COBRA ran out, 17 months from now ($600+ per month).  Just a note, I don't have any medical problems associated with my obesity at this time.

I can't really be angry about this.  They don't ask me to be tiny.  The companies will insure me if I am < 100 lbs over my ideal weight.  I'm a nurse, I know this extra weight sets me up for all kinds of medical problems in the future.  With the health care reforms, they can't cut me loose once I start having these conditions.  As a business decision, I know I would not go in for any of the high dollar medical procedures that would be in my future (transplant, cardiac bypass, joint replacement surgery, prolonged treatment for cancer etc.) but they don't know that.   I had planned to be < 200 lbs before I took off anyway.  That only makes sense. This has been a big wake up call.  Even if I wanted to leave tomorrow, sell my house and take off in an RV, I would have to go without health insurance   OR pay $600 per month for insurance that would only cover me in CO (which does not seem reasonable).  I'm learning why there are so many uninsured people in the U.S.   Even people that are responsible, intelligent, and plan ahead, may make a choice to be without health insurance.  Something is wrong with that picture.

I know my weight is my choice and I sure don't want to be one of those winers that sounds like the U.S. owes me a living.  I'm not a political person, so I'm not going there.  I will live with what is.  I will keep hunting for a job that has benefits.  A job I can hold while I dump a few of these pounds.  I know it will be better for me and my future.  I just want to be a little pissed off about it too.  The rebelious teenager in my brain is screaming....  OH YEAH? I"LL SHOW YOU!!!!  Luckily, the grown up is in charge most of the time :0)

I've had another bite on my resume.  It's a job as research coordinator at a nearby clinic/office.  I'm hoping for interview this week.  I should hear about the home health job by the end of this week. 

Today, I have a lunch date with a friend that still works at the call center.  I'm looking forward to some office gossip that confirms I was right to leave even though I am still unemployed. 

Hope all is well out there is blogland.  Be gentle with each other. 

  • Music that makes me smile and keeps my spirits up.  Reminds me what matters most
  • Stinky dogs (they didn't stink until I quit smoking :0)
  • Dog park nearby to walk in while pups are having fun
  • Supportive family, that loves me anyway :0)
  • Good friends

Friday, December 3, 2010

I Love it when a good surprise happens

I arrived at the interview early.  Boy, was I nervous.  The manager was very nice and chatty.  I liked her.  Working for her would be o.k.   I also met the office manager.  Seems pretty well organized.  They have an extensive orientation program and I was glad to hear that.  The interview lasted about 2 hours.  WOW!!  About 10 minutes in to the interview, we realized that the resume she was looking at was not ME.  She never received my application.  If I hadn't have called, Wednesday, this interview never would have happened.  I won't know until the end of next week whether I got the job.  My fingers & toes are crossed.  I'm excited about getting back to patients.  Keep thinking all those good thoughts for me. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Have an Interview!!

Cookies I've planned for Christmas are chocolate chip, sugar, & oatmeal raisin!  Will be yummy.  I'll need to start soon and freeze them if tomorrow's job interview goes well. 

This morning, I was following up on some applications I put in 2 weeks ago.   On the third call, I made appt for an interview.  I was hoping for a dialysis or hospital position.  At this point I will settle for someone letting me actually touch a patient.  Interview is with a national home health agency.  I have lot's of questions for them.  I've done home health before, many years ago.  It's not a bad gig if I can find the right company. 

Everybody keep fingers crossed, keept me in your prayers.  However you roll :0) ....  I thank you! 

Hope all is well out there in Blogland.  Be gentle with each other. 
  • ability to save money when a had a good income
  • new car (toad) that will make a home health job possible (I couldn't have reasonably done it in a truck)
  • internet to keep me connected and let me find jobs.
  • music that helps me to believe in myself and make these calls to sell myself. 
  • cheese/broccoli/chicken that made a good lunch