Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just a Quick Note to Say HI

Hello and thanks for checking in.  I'm fine.  Dogs are fine.  All is o.k.  Just busy with life and work.  Hope all is well in Blog land. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks Merikay!

I envy you being able to pay off credit cards 100% monthly.  That is certainly the plan for me! My 'found' $350 dollars is absolutely going to the debt, nowhere else.  Every nickel I can find is going to the debt.  It's my wall, keeping me at home, and away from the wonderful places I read about in all the blogs I follow :0)  Thanks for the reminder about the book being dated.  It's a good point.  I picked some funds with a good track record over time.  All of them tanked with everything else a couple years ago and are slowly coming back.  I have > 10 years before I will be able to get at that money, I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

Hope all is well out there in blog land.  It was chilly here yesterday but we're back to beautiful spring Colorado days.  Rick & Paulette (with Rylie and Molly of course) are headed this way.  I hope to be able to catch up with them for a meal or a trip to the dog park :0)  

I watched the movie Mama Mia last night.  I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  It's definitely a sweet, feel good, movie.  There are times, that kind of movie just hits the spot.  It's the first silly movie I've see Meryl Streep in.  It was fun.  The DVD even has a feature where you can Karaoke along with musical numbers.  Good smile break before bed!!  Working again this afternoon, and well into the night.  Another day closer to life on the road. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Learning Something New

I got my taxes sent in and will have some more money to pay against my debt.  I was looking at my retirement funds and discovered 2 things.  I've been putting $350 from each paycheck into a retirement fund at work.  That's a good thing.  But if I'm going to follow Dave Ramsey's plan, I need to stop that until I get all debt except my house paid.  That will be more money, each month, to pay my debt off.  I was also checking to see if the IRA's I have are allocated the way he recommends.  I found $8,000 that was just sitting there!!  It was earning some interest but not in any kind of investements.  I had to do some research and find some funds to put the money into.  That done, I feel less broke LOL.  Not money I can use towards full-timing but It will be there later, and It's working for me now!!  I was also happy to learn that the job I have doesn't pay into social security.  It's kind of a quasi state gov't job and we don't pay into social security.  Out money is invested in a retirement plan.  One plan was stopped the year after I started my job but It's still there for those of us that got into it.  Being the non-money, person that I am, I never changed it.  The research I've done indicates that was a good plan LOL.  Sometimes we just luck out I guess :0)  Since my biggest worries about this life change are financial, it makes me feel better to know that I have been planning for my older age, even without trying much.    Working from home today.  Time to bring in some more of that cash.  Another day closer to being OUT OF HERE!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Scared the Dogs

So I've been dieting.  I've allowed myself one meal per week to eat junk food.  I've been sticking to it well.  This week I went out to dinner with a friend and had some chicken friend steak at Texas Roadhouse YUMM.  So that was my junk food dinner, on Thursday.  Dinner was soo good, I ordered one to go and ate it for lunch the next day (yikes).  So that was a second junk food meal, on Friday.  So, this is Sunday.  I was DYING for a McDonald's hamburger and fries.  Thinking about it all day.  It would come up..  I would turn my thoughts to something else...  It would pop into my brain again.  And so on.   So work is finished and the craving is really bad.  I'm trying to talk myself into hot tea.  There is some broccoli/chicken/rice left over from lunch.  Lot's of options.  I should eat and, then I won't be hungry and the craving will go away.  Right? RIGHT. 

Now keep in mind that I spend a good part of my work day listening to excuses, rationalizations, and down right lies.  All kinds of things people will say so they can talk themselves out of doing what they already know they need to do.  I'm pretty conscious about rationalizations and, I don't use them.  If I want to do something, I do it.  I take responsibility for my choices and I do it.  No excuses.  People that use rationalizations and silly excuses are often the butt of my sarcasm when I'm not being paid to be nice. 

So I'm cleaning up after work and still fighting with my Junk food craving in the back of my brain (for gosh sakes this has been going on ALL afternoon).  It's 7:40 now and I'm looking in the refrig.  What goes through my brain?  "that dinner out wasn't all THAT bad, it was just meat and potatos and I even had green stuff" (note: the 'green stuff' was a handful of ceasar salad and the meat was deep FRIED)

Stopped me dead in my tracks!!  I said out loud to my empty house of fish & dogs.  WHAT?  You did NOT just think that!!  And I repeated the whole sentence, out loud, adding my own special sarcastic twist I would use when talking to someone else.  I couldn't help but laugh, I just started laughing.  I mean like HEE Hawing. 

The dogs actually left the room.  I'm so embarrassed. 

I made one last attempt to talk my brain out of it.  I thought I could make a yummy, healthy turkey meat loaf that I like.  My brain's brilliant response...  "yeah, but that would take so long to make that you would be eating < 2 hours before you go to sleep and that's not good" 

I didn't even repeat this one out loud.  I just laughed all the way out the door to my truck :0)

Needless to say I got my burger & fries.  The dogs recovered.  I haven't quite recovered my dignity yet :0)   Just shaking my head at the amazing power of the human brain. 

Money, MOney, MONey, MONEy, MONEY

I don't read books much.  I have a reading problem, kind of like dyslexia, that makes it difficult for me to read off of paper.  As more & more things are now on the computer, I've found that I can read pretty easily on the computer.  I just use the mouse to track my place and it's a breeze.  I do my reading, for pleasure, by listening to books on tape.  I have been listening to Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover .   The book has strategies for getting out of debt and financially independent.  Mr Ramsey actually does the narration for his AudioBook.  I like the ones that are read by the authors best.  I've only seen Mr. Ramsey's T.V. show once or twice.  I remember thinking that he might need to be just a tad medicated :0)   His book narration is tame, in comparison.   If you've been reading this blog, you know I'm not practiced with money management.  To be honest, money freaks me out.  I'm not in a huge amount of debt, but I want to be debt free before I hit the road.  The biggest reason for my delay in hitting the road is wanting to be debt free and have 6 mos living expenses ahead before I make the big change.  In this book, he talks about getting "gazelle intense" when starting to pay off debt.  Selling EVERYTHING possible and getting an extra job if necessary.  He does the math to show how, a little extra here & there, quickly adds up.  Got me thinking, what could I do to get moving faster?  I don't need to pick up an extra job.  My job offers enough overtime, I could get some extra hours easily.  I don't have a fancy car to sell, but there are things I could make some money on.  These are things I won't be taking on the road anyway.   It's something to think about.  After listening to the book I logged on to check my credit card.  I just about vomited when I realized how much I'm paying the card company each month in interest.  Good thing I'm paying that off first.  What a scam they've got going there.  I just can't believe that's legal.  I've only got $10,000 credit card debt.  I can only imagine what people with these huge credit card balances are paying monthly.  If they only pay the minimum payment, they'll never make it out.  No wonder it's so hard for people to get out of debt. 

Hope all is well out there.  Take care of each other.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Running Around

I've come to terms with dogs in coats over the years. Little, dogs, when it's really cold or wet. Yesterday, I had a moment. I went out to pull in the trash can and what do I see? Runner on the trail, early in the morning is not a surprise. A very attractive woman in her jacket, ear warmers, and gloves jogging happily (o.k. I don't know how happy she was but I didn't have a camera and it makes a pretty picture doesn't it?) along with her big dog. The dog had a coat on. My initial thought was, come on! it's not that cold! Then I checked the thermometer and it was 30 degrees outside. The dog was a short haired, skinny dog. He was big though. Just looked odd. I wonder how the dog felt about it :0) ?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You'd think I would be used to it by now.

It's April 7th for gosh sakes!!  70 degrees + just 2 days ago.  Woke up to snow, wet and cold this morning.  The weather forcast plugin, on my desktop, showed that it was raining all day yesterday.  Was a little windy but no rain here, not any, all day.  Work is good about letting us work from home when the weather is dodgy.  So I called, what do I have to loose?  Only to discover, I was already scheduled to work from home, AND, not until an hour later than I thought.  OMG I was looking at the wrong day on my calendar.  Tomorrow, I have to work in the office.  This is the second time that has happened recently.  At least, this time, I didn't make it all the way to the office and have to find something to do for 2 hours before work officially started.  Am I loosing it? Probably :0) Needless to say, I'm working from home today.  That's Awesome!  Well, maybe, not awesome (I'm still working after all) but not as bad and driving downtown to work in a crowded office. 

Missing out on the RV Dreams rally.  I am following the blogs, and we're All there in spirit, me and the crazy dogs.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Found Another Woman to Follow

I have located another solo female that is out and about.  Her Blog is Minnie Minerva.   Her writing is intriguing.  She mixes the mystical aspects and practical facts of RV living into a fascinating blog.  She has allowed me a different perspective on all the changes I'm feeling as I work towards my goal.  I will focus my thoughts more on going with the flow and embracing the process (o.k. I just have to find other words for that, that phrase makes me cringe a little).  My, more practical brain is saying "Just Get a Grip, you are growing up and learning All about delayed gratification."  I think Susan's approach sounds better and is, definitely, more productive.  I'll work on it. 

IF I was living the life I want, already...  I'd be at that RV-Dreams Rally right now.  Probably heading out to the circle of friends forming around Howard and Linda's 5er.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

If Only...

I'm SO jealous.  Reading about the other full-timers I follow. 

If I were full-timing right now, I would be well on my way to the RV-Dreams Rally at Willow Tree Resort .   I would have stayed somewhere around Chattanooga, TN last night.  Nice weather expected in Chattanooga.  A little cloudy, but temps ranging  in the 50s to 70's.  Would have been a little chilly to walk the dogs this morning but jeans or sweat pants would have been plenty.  Now, would be coffee time.  Staring out the window at, who knows,
Not the best view, but I'll take it over having to answer the phone all day in my home office.   I think I'll put in 2 hours driving today, head south on I-75 then E on I-20 at Atlanta and stop for overnight in Covington, GA.   This is the courthouse, built in 1884.  They've had a bunch of movies filmed in this little town according to Wiki    Now, the question of where to stay..  The only place I found on an internet search was Riverside Estates Mobile Home & RV Park.  Says they have 172 full hookup sites, paved roads and laundry.  No pics or prices.  I guess if I were really doing this I would call them and see what's up.    Is that what full-timers do?  I could call the Chamber of Commerce and ask if there are places to park an RV in town.  They wouldn't be open on a Sunday :-(.  Looks like there is also a place called Salem Camp Ground in town.  No phone numbers, pics or information provided.  Oops not even sure if that one is a real camp ground looks like a place of worship.    OHH HERE.   Stone Mountain State Park is a 2 hour drive.  That looks like the ticket.  It's first come, first serve.  I'll have to call and see if they have a place.  I'll be they will if I wait until the afternoon to leave.  $37 dollar per night for a partial hook up site.  Sounds more like a place to stay for a few days not an overnight.   EE GADS.  This is fun, but more complicated than I thought.  At this rate, I'll never make it to the Rally on time.  Maybe I should just do a search for Walmarts along my route.   I think I need an Atlas.  Mapquest is just not going to cut it LOL.  So, there are 2 Walmart supercenters in Augusta, GA (4 hr drive from Chattanooga).  Do I just call and ask if they allow overnight camping? 

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I made a mistake on my post.  I've just realized this, as I check off my accomplisments for the day.  I have accomplished few of my goals. 
  • Sleep 8 hours and no more             CHECK
  • Shower every other day                 CHECK I showered today
  • 8 glasses of water per day (64 oz)  I've made 48 oz so far
  • 6 servings of fruit/veg                     only 2
  • Move 30 minutes per day               NOPE

I am a strong advocate for bootstraps and taking care of yourself. I've just now realized that I've missed something, that is required in the daily goals, for all these years. 

One of my daily goals HAS to be earn some $$ money!  How did I miss that.  It's not in any of the, 'live your life to it's potential' books.  I have the all  lined up in my library.  Unfortunately, it was not in the daily goals my momma taught me.  Yet somehow I got it.  I've been putting 'earn money' on the priority list forever it seems. 

Gee, that sounds like I have now got tons of money.  Not so much...  I am not dependent on anyone but myself (and probably these goofy dogs :0)      Not bad for 43 y/o female. 

SO... making money has been added to my daily minimal goals.  Along with eating 6 servings of fruit/veg per day lol. 

Unless wine counts as fruit servings...  I'm behind today.  I did earn money, a good chunk of money, today.  That's a big one!

3 out of 6 today. 

How will it go tomorrow?

Progress and Boot Straps

I'm 10 pounds down and my credit card debt is 1/3 less than when I started.  YAY ME!!  It's a daily grind.  Part of my route to full-timing seems to be learning about delayed gratification.  I find it ironic that I have to perfect my ability to delay gratification in order to live a life on the fly.  Makes me smile. 

I've found my boot straps and picking them up.  I'm not pulling on them yet, but I'm working on it.  I spend too much time feeling sorry for myself.  I fight with my head regularly.  I tend toward melancholy and inaction more than I want to admit.  Once in a while, in order to overcome my brain, I have to get a regular schedule going.  I have to make lists of the basics and stick to it.  The same stuff everyone knows to do to be a well-rounded person.  Regular sleep schedule, Shower regularly, Drink 8 glasses of water, no fast food, 6 servings fruit/veggies per day, move 30 minutes per day.  Not very exciting, but harder to do than it sounds. 

This is a great time of year in Colorado.  Spring brings some unpredictable weather but it is also a time to get outside and take deep breaths.  I even heard some birds singing this morning :0)