Friday, March 26, 2010

What the Heck?

I was looking at my past posts and saw the one titled Funky Weather.  Says nothing about weather??  I didn't finish my story LOL.  So, for the rest of the story. 

The woman who bought my motorcycle has been saving and waiting for months.  Since last November I think.  She was initially going to get it in Jan but then something unexpected came up and she had to spend money on that.  Then, she was expecting some money that was delayed about 2 weeks.  She finally had the money and told me she was ready to pick it up.  I couldn't sell it that day because the battery was dead.  We made an appointment for her to pick it up on Tuesday morning.  Monday night, I threw the battery on the charger.  I didn't double check that it was actually charging, never had a problem before.  I go out to garage Tuesday morning to wipe down the bike and put the seat back on.  Battery is still dead.  ARGH!  So I had to hurry, call her, tell her it was a no go.   The disappointment in her voice was heart breaking.  I located and bought a new battery.  Luckily, it comes mostly charged.  I installed the new battery with little trouble.    By this time, she no longer had a ride to my house.  So, I got her address, programmed the GPS and went to go get her.  I had put in address on N. Monaco instead of S Monaco.  So, of course, I went to the wrong house.  I didn't have her phone number (forgot it at home) so I couldn't do anything but reprogram the GPS and head out again.  I finally find her house, and her.  By this time, I'm starting to think.  Maybe this is just not meant to happen today.  Should I take a clue?   She was SO excited to get the bike and I really wanted to get the sale over with.  Once she got to see the motorcycle.  I got her on it, gave her a little orientation to the whistles and bells, and it started right up.  She was a little overwhelmed with the size.  Evidentally she has ridden motorcyles before but they were crotch rockets and dirt bikes, not cruisers.  She was feeling uncomfortable in turns, taking them a little wide.  I offered for us to put the sale off, but she didn't want to.  I agreed to lead her out to the main road in my truck and follow her home if she needed it.  Once we got to the main road, she waved me off, telling me she was comfortable to go the rest of the way home.  I made a U-turn and headed back home.  Within 5 minutes of getting home, it starts HAILING!! Crazy Hard.  The prediction was for snow, starting tonight but no one said anything about hail.  I panic!  OMG we shouldn't have done this.  She's gonna wipe out on the bike!!  I know we shouldn't have done this today!!  I called her cell phone and left a message for her to call me....................   A LONG 15 minutes later, my phone rings.  Thank God!  She's home, safe, and THRILLED.  A little cold but none the worse for wear.  Says she now is comfortable turning and riding the bike LOL.  She's going to enjoy the heck out of that thing.  It has a good home.  My motorcycle now even has a name.  She is called Miss Scarlet :0) 
Bye Bye Miss Scarlet.  Have a nice life and stay upright for her. Will Ya?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Any Family

"Even a flawed family, that sticks together, is better than no family at all."

-- David #1, Surfwise, 2007 --

Funky Weather

Sold my motorcycle today.  It's o.k.  I know it is.  My Brain is screaming LOUD.  You CAN'T let this go..  you've wanted it for so long.  I've wanted a motorcycle since I was 8 years old.  I was caught, with my brother, riding a dirt bike in a neighbors backyard.  BAD THING.  My father had seen a horrible motorcycle accident, when he was a teen, and FORBADE us from EVER riding a motorcycle.  I finally bought one and took a class when I was 37.  I had an Awesome Vulcan Classic 1500 and wrecked it within the year.  Broke my leg and learned a big lesson.  Once I recovered, I bought a Honda Shadow 750 (750 is what I should have started with).  The Honda was the one I sold today.  The girl I sold it too LOVES it and will put it to good use. 

I've decided to use tow a car instead of taking my motorcycle on the road.  They rent motorcycles though, don't they?  I will keep my helmet, gloves, boots and jacket!!  I know I can ride, I have the license :0)

Family teaches us a LOT. Influences what we will become.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Laundry Day

Today is a beautiful DAY.  All the windows are open.  My last entry said it was snowing up a big storm.  It really has NOT been that long since I posted.  Wecome to Denver.  Don't like the weather?..  Just give it 10 minutes .  Tomorrow I sell my motorcycle.  There is a person at work that has been saving to buy it for months.  I'm getting a fair price.  I had anticipating buying another before I did the RV thing, now, maybe not.   It's a little sad but I'm selling this one because it's not the most comfortable bike for me.  For now, I'd rather be able to use the money to pay off some credit card debt. 

Project for today is to do laundry, find the motorcycle title and get the battery charged.  I just realized, this morning, that the tires may be low.  I hope not.  I'll keep you posted.  Hope all is well out there in blog land. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thinking and Thinking

Just nothing to say.  Working, saving, working some more.  RV day dreams and living vicariously through the blogs I follow. 

Snowing today.  They are trying to talk it in to being a big nasty storm.  These spring storms have really wet snow and have the potential to really do some harm.  Luckily it has been warm for a week or so.  Streets and sidewalks are just wet.  No snow sticking right now.  It's nice to have the snow make everything all pretty but not dangerous driving. 

Hope all is well out there today.  Take care and be gentle with each other

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol

I am a reality show junky.  For sure.  Priority for the motorhome is satellite TV.  I love to watch people and TV is a part of that.  Of all the reality shows, American Idol is not my fav. 

Tonight, I was catching up.  I wait for a performer that gives me goose bumps &/or makes me cry.  It's a hobby. 

So I'm watching the show I recorded last night.  It's the Rolling Stones for gosh sakes.  If anything (besides country music) can give me goose bumps and make me cry, it's got to be the Rolling Stones.  No one did it.  One came close but then she messed up the lyrics and I lost it.  All of a sudden, I'm watching a girl perform and I notice the number to vote during her song.  I claimed conspiracy and reversed the recording to see if they did that with others.  They do it with every one.   HMMM  what makes her performance draw me to the numbers?

I guess if I could figure that out...  I'd be able to make RVmoney coaching American Idol wannabes.  Let me go study this some more... 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I Love to watch documentaries and I have been in HOG HEAVEN.  I have seen everthing from a movie following contemporary philosophers with a hand held camera (Examined Life 2008) to a movie that examines the "who knew what, when" leading up to the attack on the Twin Towers (9/11: Press for Truth).  I wasn't thrilled with the philosophy movie.  Couldn't even finish it.  When the second philosopher started using 1000 point scrabble words, 3-4 per sentence, I just couldn't handle it.  The phrase 'pompous ASS' kept running through my head.  I'll have to try that one another day, maybe.  The 9/11 movie was interesting.  It started with a website, linking different news stories.  As people found the website, it got lots of attention, and was eventually turned into a book that lead to the documentary. 

I enjoy most all documentaries but I like the ones that explore normal people and how they work through their unusual experiences.  There is a documentary, I saw once, that I have been looking for.  It was about a homeless man that received a large amount of money, and the documentary followed him over 2 years to see what would happen.  I can't remember the name of it.     

I am not a political person.  My personal decision has been, to not get involved.  In my beliefs, that means I can't bitch about it.  I don't believe in people just bitching without offering solutions.  In the past, when I've started to get involved, I just become frustrated and angry.  When I start getting frustrated I stutter and bluster and basically loose my brain.  I don't argue well.  I'm one of those people that has to think before I can respond intelligently to anything.  Debating on my feet, about issues that matter to me, is not a skill I posess. 

I also like "behind the scenes" documentaries.  My recent 2 favorites have been Shut Up And Sing and Every Little Step

Shut Up and Sing:  Follows the Dixie Chicks through the craziness that occurred after the lead singer (Natalie Maines) said she was ashamed of President Bush, on stage, at a concert in London (2003).  Seems they forgot, or didn't realize, that people watched their every action/word.  I guess the packed concert venues and millions of dollars the had earned performing were not enough of a clue :0)  That was an expensive vowel she purchased. 

Every Little Step:  Shows the audition and casting process for a revival of, A Chorus Line, on Broadway.  The dancers are, as always, amazing. 

Beautiful day today.  I have all the windows open.  Life is not so rough :0)  Hope all is well out there is blogland.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

A few giggles.... much better

Nothing like a good ole Disney talking dog movie to lighten it all up.  Beverly Hills Chihuahua!!  Laughed out loud and only shed 2 tears. 

I'm not usually one for dressed up pooches.  But I don't care you are..  that's funny.  Work over for now, had a few laughs, doesn't take much to make me happy. Cya Around!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Slight Improvement now that it's over.

O.k. it's over.  The callers actually weren't mean today, just not too bright.  I can deal with dense & nice.  It's when they go all dopey and nasty that I really get peeved.  There is one drawback I have found, to working from  home.  When work is busy, it's easy to feel like I am the only one answering the phones.  Only because I can't hear what the others are doing.  That being said, on a day like today, I would not have thought my co-workers were working hard ENOUGH  :0)    I think I just saw snow predicted on the news.  Nice thing about working from home.  I don't have to hassle the weather to get to work.  Nothing like a 30 second commute.  It's days like today, that I realize how emotional my eating is.  I just kept thinking about getting off work and ordering a pizza with extra cheese.  I didn't do it :0)  I'm off to set the clocks forward and take my grumpy butt to bed early. The extra sunlight, in the evening, will be nice.

Can I just call myself bad nick and get on with my life?

I'm having one of those days.  One of those days I feel like yelling to everyone.  SEE I"M SINGLE FOR GOOD REASON!  If I had a partner I'm sure they would be breathing too loud today.  The dogs are smart enough to stay out of my hair.  Unfortunately, it's a work day, and it's really busy.  Trying so hard not to get sarcastic with my callers.  My brain spends most of the shift saying...  REALLY??  No, Really!!  Think about what you are saying and call me back later when you've gotten a grip.  Brain cells seem few and far between today.  Gotta get back to work.  May be posting more later. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Change in plan

I think I'm going to plan for a towed vehicle instead of taking a motorcycle on a hydraulic lift.  I really wanted to avoid towing anything.  Just to make my life easier on the road.  Friends have made some good points and I've had my own concerns.  I am particular concerned about the dogs.  There is no way I could take a medium size dogs on the motorcycle, to a vet or a dog park.  Even considered a side-car but won't fit on the motorcycle lift :0)  Having a vehicle would also address my worries about having a job commute, if I need the money.  Sooooo  Now for more research.  I wish I could use the vehicle I have now.  It's a 1993, it has low mileage and I'm the only owner.  It's a dependable vehicle that has been well taken care of.  The problem..  It's a 2WD long bed pickup with a topper on it.  Internet indicates it weighs about 4300 lbs.  That's a lot to tow.  The limited research, I've done so far, indicates that I can easily tow approximately 2500lb vehicle behind a loaded, 30 foot gas motor home.  Big gap to bridge.  I would appreciate any input. 

Georgeous outside today!  Dog park day today.  Newest obsession..  I received a membership to NetFlix for my B-day.  I love documentaries and they can be hard to find, even as rentals.  My NetFlix membership will let me watch them on line.  Amazing choices.  I've watched several that I really loved.  I'll get the titles up on another day.

I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to reply to comments.  When the E-mail about comments arrives in my box, the EM address is 'no reply'.  Some posters don't have blogs or there is no way to EM them from there blogs.  What am I missing?

Hope all is well out there.  Thanks for stopping by.  Thanks, in advance, for any towed vehicle input.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

oh NO they DIDN"T?

The gov't just spent millions of our hard earned dollars to send out a letter, to tell us, we were going to get a letter!!!  PLEASE, someone, tell me I am the ONLY one that got a letter telling me to fill out my census info when it comes in the mail. 

I fed you, didn't I?

Can you guess what the answer was?  These dogs are always ready to eat.  Why do I ask the question? Of course the answer was no.  So I might be living with dogs that ate 2 breakfasts this morning.  Or not.  Just one of the many mysteries in my life.  I'm off to work.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weigh In

Down 4 pounds.  Yay!!  That's in < 5 days.  Gotta work, in the office, tomorrow.  May make an entry tomorrow night.  Take care all.

Oscar Party

I'm running late here.  Story of my life.  I was working Sunday night and wanted to watch all the pre-shows before watching the Oscars.  I got everything watched yesterday.  Then, it takes me time to sit with anything I am emotional about.  Sandra Bullock's speech was so impressive, it made me cry.  She is gracious and funny.  Who else could honor her mother, show so much love for her husband, and joke about an affair with Meryl Streep in < 1.5 minutes.    If there was a speech writer..  he/she deserves an huge tip.   It was wonderful!

Monique was so gracious through the whole process.  She is a unique performer & person.  She has taken an unusual route to her Academy award and the publicity machine has tried to dig at her.  In the interview with Barbara Walters, she talked about how playing the role allowed her to find forgiveness in her own life.  At the same time she explained how she has not let herself live as a victim.  She didn't have to give gory details to make it all very clear.  What a Class Act!  

I wish I could speak so specifically, kindly, and with so much clarity.   I am impressed with people that can combine kindness, sincerity and humor. 

Fighting with my mouth, brain, instincts and how they all interact, has been a challenge my whole life.  For the last 3 months I have been training myself to think before I speak and speak less.  I read about Socrates triple filter.  Before I speak I try to apply the filter first..  Is it true? Is it kind? Is it helpful?  I don't remember all the time, but I am getting better.  If Socrates wrote about installing a filter between the brain & the mouth, I know it's not a unique or new problem :0) 

I like watching the fashion too.  I have no talent for what looks good, or why.  There were some beautiful dresses.  I all could think was..  How do they sit in those things?  That can't be comfortable?  After a 3-4 hours getting ready, 1 hour commute and 3.5 hour show..  I would be running from the theatre, ripping off my clothes to put on jammies and socks, within moments.  I am not one for dressing up..  can you tell?  I want to give huge honors to the stylist and designer for Gabourey Sidibe (star of Precious).  Her blue, jeweled gown was perfect for her.  The fit was fabulous and the jewels were in just the perfect places.  It took absolute design talent, and a knowledge of how to show off a large woman.    It takes more than just adding extra material to a size 8 dress.  I'm so happy it was not a bedazzled mumu. I want to offer up a big 'Good Job' to Marchesa! who designed her dress. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Annual appointments

Vet visits this morning went flawlessly.  Of course the dogs came away feeling mistreated & abused.  They tried to convince me to stop at the ASPCA, on the way home, so they could report me.  Did you know there is a new vaccine for dog flu?  I got it for them because they spend, at least, one day per week with a bunch of other dogs.  I just LOVE watching dogs and their owners.  The love is SO obvious, on both sides.  It takes people watching to a whole new level.  I can't wait to get back to the dog park now that spring is coming.  40-50 degrees today and gloomy.  Dripping rain every once in a while.  I do my weekly weigh in tomorrow, stay tuned!  I'm going to do some laundry and catch up on the Oscar Awards today.  Hope all is well out there.  Take care of each other out there.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cooking Update

Feeling better this morning.  No snacking before bed last night.  I actually had to have a real chat with myself.  Turn my stubborness (persistance :0) to good use.  I had to recall other times I've had to suck it up.  Running a 10K was a good one to remember.  Amazing what bad habits I have and HOW MUCH it takes to get past them.   

The rice cooker works amazing for steaming.  Fill it, push button and go.  I steamed some asparagus.  AWESOME.  I ate 1/2 pound of it.  The microwave stuff is fine but it's expensive and the fresh was so much tastier.  Makes me wonder what REAL fresh asparagus would taste like.  In Colorado, our fresh, is sometimes relative.  I also did brown rice with chicken stock & garlic.  Came out perfect.  I would prefer if the bowl was dishwasher safe, but it's not hard to clean.   A paper towel, and it was all set.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Working day

Not feeling great this morning.  I got plenty of sleep but just don't feel right.  Probably the 2 extra handfuls of Triscuits and cocoa covered almonds I had just before I went to sleep last night.  Why on EARTH?  Don't know.  The plan is to stop eating 2 hours before I sleep and no eating in bed.  Well, you know what they say about best laid plans.  Getting ready to work, may make another entry later. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

I Found an RV today

There are times when I find an ad and think (that can be dangerous with this brain).  What if I just DID it.  Forget the planning and good sense.  Just buy and RV and Rock!  When I first started researching for my life change, I was hooked on getting a LazyDaze class C.  The new ones look like refurbished, retro rigs. 

They are built well and have to be purchased factory direct.  The have a dedicated following.  Kind of like those groups that are obsessed with one brand like Gulfstream or Harley Davidson.  There is an amazing full-timer that has had 2 of them and has tracked his travels and the changes he has made (AndyBaird) .  Andy also runs the 'lifewithlazydazerv" Yahoo group.    Before I decided on slides and a Class A, I kept track of used LazyDaze RV's for sale.   Yesterday, I found an EM in my box referring me to a post I was tracking back then.  It is a 1994 LazyDaze, 27 foot, rear bath in Altoona, IA.  Here's the post from the Escapees Bulletin board, and the link to see the pics.  It has solar panels and a computer desk. It appears to be well taken care of.

"I have a 1994 26.5' RB Lazy Daze for sale. It is in very good shape, with 40,000 mi. For pictures and details go to my picasa album at  "

He has now lowered the price to $21,000 dollars and is taking all the carpet out to put in vinyl flooring. 

Ready, Set, GO!!  My brain is Off and Running...  ZOOM
I could sell my house and still have plenty of money to pay off my bills and be on the road in just a few months.  Forget 2 years!  I'm outta HERE!!  Forget the classes I need to take to learn medical transcription so I can earn money on the road, I'll figure out the money thing.  Forget starting a business.  Forget the extra space I thought I needed for the dogs so I wouldn't have to step over them to go to the bathroom.  Forget my worries about climbing up into, and out of, a bed.  Forget wanting a newer RV so I will be less likely to have break downs in or outside the rig.  Forget about slides.  Forget about getting into shape, It will work out.   Forget about putting my motorcycle on a lift (this rig has an external generator on the back bumper), it has a tow hitch, I can find a little car to tow.  Forget about planning and doing this all carefully, it works out for other people. 

I have put it down in black and white.  It actually sounds less crazy in writing than it feels in my head. 
Will I?
Not sure.
Probably not.
The practical and scared part of me intrudes.  Remember, I tend to be slow at changes. 
It's nice to know I could :0)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Have Pink Duct Tape On My Foot!!

I've been wanting to tell someone that for a while.  Just run up to a stranger and exclaim! Just to see their reaction.  What might the reaction be.  I don't think there's a book in it, but it might get a laugh. 

I have a plantar wart on the bottom on my right foot.  Have no idea where it came from and it has been there for several months.  If you've never had one.  Let me tell you.  They hurt.  Kind of like walking around with a rock in your shoe. 

So, a month ago, I did searching on the internet to find a cure.  The remedies that are sold in the store are expensive so I decided to try another option.  I kept finding references to duct tape.  The only duct tape I could find that day, was pink!  I'm not a fan of pink.  I didn't want to go on a mission to find duct tape (probably more of that limiting activity stuff my brain was doing).  So, I've been walking around with pink duct tape wrapped around my foot for about a month now.  It seems to be working.  Working slowly.  The wart is much smaller.  It's less painful as long as I keep treating it.  If I stop the duct tape for a day or two, the pain comes back.   So, I'll keep doing it.  I wish I knew why it worked.  I can't imagine duct tape has magical properties.  Though, I'll admit, it is a pretty special tape :0)

For now...  I have pink duct tape on my foot. 

Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fessing up and Funny How things work out

So now is the time for me to fess up.  Remember all the talk about the fish when it was really my financial tracking I was avoiding?  Well, here we go again.  My biggest worry about full-time RVing is that I am currently 5 foot 6.5 inches and 293 pounds.  Worse, I'm in horrible shape!  I can't walk up & down the stairs in my house > 2X before I am huffing/puffing and my legs give out.  Doing the Wii Fit's simplest yoga poses, I shake, and get comments of concern from the WiiFit lady.  I can't even ride my motorcycle for more than an hour without being sore for days.  I have always been overweight.  I have had years when I was in good shape.  I jogged and hiked and rode my mountain bike.  About 2 years ago, I had and accident and broke some bones.  I was trapped in the upstairs of my house for months.  I'm all healed, but never regained any of the cardiovascular or muscular fitness I had.  

I had a personal melt down about the whole issue Monday night.  Time for some action. I spent yesterday putting together my menu (you can check out and making my grocery list.   I didn't make it to the grocery store (much more fun to watch movies on the couch!). 

This morning I woke up, showered, took the dogs to daycare, and arrived at work promptly.  Only to find out that I was 5 hours early!!  ARGH!!  Imagine that?  Just enough time to get everything on my new grocery list, put the groceries away, wash the veggies, write a blog entry, and get back to work.   Makes me think someone is watching out after me :0)

So here is my healthy stocked frig and the product basket.  The frig was empty, except for some expired eggs and wilted salad from 2 months ago.  My produce basket had 2 apples, dying a slow and unseemly death.

After the big trip to the grocery store..  my back hurts and my feet hurt.  Can I count that as a work-out?  Since I have gotten this out of shape, I am realizing I have changed my life so I don't have to put in as much effort.  I don't make big grocery runs, I only get 4-5 bags at a time.  I've been doing more of my shopping on the web instead of braving the stores.  Picking up mail once per week instead of every other day (God forbid I take 20 steps to the mail box daily).  I've quit taking care of my large fish tank (a 300 gallon, fully enclosed, fish tank takes a step stool and some gymnastics to keep clean).  Small things that my brain has done to make my life take even less effort. 

I'm no-nonsense when it comes to weight and weight loss. You won't catch me blaming it on my metabolism or my up-bringing.  I know I am fat because I eat a lot of high calorie food.  I stay fat because people ignore the big girls.  Well, sometimes they stare but they won't look me in the eye. I'm in piss poor shape because I sit on my butt all day.  I believe in the biology.  If I burn more calories than I take in, I will loose weight.   I also know that loosing weight is a HUGE head game.  That's where I fall down.  My brain will play tricks on me from here to Asia, in order to keep me fat. 

Sparkpeople is a great, free, site.  It has user friendly areas to track nutrition & exercise.  They lay out suggested menus for each day of the week.  They even have menus for those of us that don't cook. 

So, now, you have it.  The projects I have to do between now and Feb 2012.  I have to get my debt paid off and get into better shape.   Maybe I can even get a cheaper RV once my butt is smaller, and I don't need such a large space around the toilet? lol. 

Back to work I go.  Hope all is well out there.  Thanks for dropping by. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

It's a secret

I was able to watch the hockey game, with the sound off, while I was working last night.  SHH don't tell my boss.  I'm sure there is a rule, somewhere, about not watching TV while I'm working.  In between calls I was gasping and holding my breath as I watched the end of that FINE game.  If there is ANY sport I enjoy, it's hockey.  My family was involved with hockey games all through my elementary school and Jr. High.  I learned to tie my shoes at a hockey game.  Ice skating was a family activity and gave us lot's of family memories.  Hockey is a big bunch of craziness, organized chaos, and I love to watch it.  There is some part of me was rooting for Canada.  It's their Olympics, and only seems right they should win the gold.  US sure made them earn it.  I'm off work today.  Time for laundry and grocery store run.  Not much exciting here.  Hope all is well in blogland.  I'll cya around.