Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching up on Sleep?

Was miserable at work yesterday.  I could not sleep at all the night before.  I think I may have gotten 2 hours total.  Part of the reason was trying to get my sleep schedule back on track after vacation.  Other reason was working up to yesterdays ramble.  I slept for over 10 hours last night and I'm feeling better this morning. 

I know I want peace, with a little excitement thrown in here and there.  I also want to feel safe.  Feeling safe.  That's a big order.  What does 'feel safe' look like?  It's safe physically, economically and emotionally.  Is it possible for someone that is not to keen on people?  Is it possible to feel safe economically and not have a reliable pay check?  Is it possible to feel safe all the time and still have excitement?  There is a quote I have leaned on during difficult times in my life.

When you walk to the edge of all the light you have,
and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown,
you must believe that one of two things will happen:
There will be something solid for you to stand upon,
you will be taught how to fly.
Patrick Overton, The Leaning Tree, 1975

I can research and save and plan all I want.  In the end, It will come down to faith.  Faith that I am doing the right thing for me.  Knowing that all the work and risk are worth it.  My safe feeling will come from faith.  Some days faith is stronger than others.  Will be interesting to see where I end up. 

In the mean time, it's back to work.  Gotta go earn that dog food money.  Hope all is peaceful out there in blogland. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is the time

I would usually be writing in my journal but now I put it in my blog.  Warning! rambling ahead. 

Is the RV lifestyle the answer? I must be crazy? Will it be too much?  I have a job that I am good at.  Nothing particularly wrong with it.  It pays me well, so I can support my life any way I want.  I have a nice home and two wonderful dogs with a yard.  I want to move into a small box with my dogs.  Work as an independent contractor.  WOW!  Big change.  What for?  To slow down, meet wonderful people and learn all about America.  My life is not what anyone would call crazy now.  I just spent 4 days/nights playing an online computer game with little interruption.  Any hobby I want to pursue, I can.  I could move to a smaller home and change to working only part time.   I could take 1 week trips 2-3 times per year and learn a particular part or spot in America.   But I don't like to fly and driving to the locations can take away a lot of time.  I don't like leaving the dogs or my stuff, I don't like hotels.  I know about, and have budgeted for insurance that will help in case the worst happens.  I know about Escapees Rainbows End where I can go if there is an accident or I need surgery for some reason.  All the cleaning, repairing, planning and daily maintenance will be up to me.   Only me.  When I get overwhelmed here, I can back off and shut down.  No place for that in an RV.  Things seem to break more often in an RV than in a stix n brix.  Either because of weather or the fact that the home is going through an earthquake every time it moves.  I rarely ask my family for help, but If something happens now, I know they are there.  They can give me input.  My family does not know about RV's or living on the road.   Will I be able to get enough work as an independent contractor in medical transcription.  If I can't, I have to get a real job.   If I only have a motorcycle, commuting to a job may become problematic.  So, I rent a car or buy a used one.  More money output.  So I make sure I have more money saved before I quit my current job.  That's more time before I can start the RV life.   Is it worth it?  Isn't there another way? 

When I get this way I tell myself to stop and take a deep breath.  This is not a foregone conclusion.  It's a process I can stop at any point.  I'm talking about making the final decisions 2 years from now.  No matter what I decide, I know there needs to be a change.  No matter what the change may be, it will require paying off my debt and getting into better physical condition.  Keep plugging, keep trudging, keep doing what you have to do for today.   Just focus on today for now.   

Time to go to work.  I'll be back later.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Vacation days come to an end

Last day off.  I was able to finish my goals with Everquest last night.  Today, will be picking things up and doing laundry.  Will be trying out the rice cooker.  It's a beautiful day today.  Dog walking is definitely in the plan.  Have to go in to work tomorrow.  I'm glad I had a break and was able to get a good start on the Everquest II expansion land.  Back to reality and working toward my new RV life. 

Thursday, February 25, 2010

It Slices, It Dices, It walks your dog... But WAIT, There's MORE!

I'm an instruction kind of person.  This morning I broke out the instructions for my new rice cooker. 

In my immediate family, we tell each other what we want for presents.  Otherwise you end up with very odd gifts.  So, when asked,  we give a list of things we are interested in (complete with product names, item numbers, and links where to find the products) .  The rule is that the gifts have to be things you would never buy for yourself.  This year I asked for a rice cooker.  I would have never gotten one for myself because they are too expensive for a single task item.  My hope is, if rice is easier/cleaner to make, I will eat more brown rice instead of pasta.  I am a Pastaholic.   In researching which cooker I wanted, I found that some of them don't cook brown rice.  So I had to get one that could make brown rice and that means I ended up with one that can also work as a slow cooker.  A slow cooker (crock pot) has been on my RV list.  My research on the RV lifestyle has indicated that pot luck meals will become a part of my life and I'm not a cook.  Crock pot seemed an easy way to cook, be able to take warm meals to the pot lucks, and hopefully, make it more appealing for me to cook real meals for myself (aka save money). 

So I break out the instructions over coffee.  I was primarily looking to see what kind of rice to put on the grocery list.  Who knew there were so many kinds of rice?  Sweet rice, mixed rice, rinse free rice, haiga rice, whole grain brown rice (is there another type of brown rice?), and quick rice.   The blurb on the thing said it will also steam veggies while you are cooking the rice.  Not clear on how to get that done.   As with any new kitchen appliance, it came with recipes.  Little did I know, I also got a 'porridge cooker' for my birthday.  There is a recipe for porridge, and a special setting just for porridge.   I've heard of porridge before, but never knew what it was made of.  I can say the recipe does not sound appealing to me (rice, onion, asparagus, garlic, tuna (optional), chicken bouillon, salt/pepper, and olive oil).  Mind you..  it doesn't specify what kind of rice??  And the asparagus is supposed to be "parboiled", whatever that means?  The silly thing also has a special insert just for making your own Tofu.  Tofu??  Not a fan!!  I think I will be skipping these particular offerings.  

I did my exercise last night and back is better this morning. I'm off to the grocery store this afternoon (trying to beat the incoming snow storm). I'll let you know how the rice cooker does.

If anyone, that comes by here, gets any strange e-mails from my e-mail address, please let me know.  I had 2 'undeliverable mail' notices in my inbox this morning.  I haven't sent out any e-mails from that address.  Hope I didn't catch a bug from blogging and pass it around.  I have excellent security on my computer, but I am new to blogging, may be something I didn't know about.  Hope not!! 


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Days off Take a Toll

I dislike aging.  I love being an adult and having my own stuff, doing what I want, when I want.  I don't like my body getting older.  My body quickly let's me know when I am indulging too much.  If I spend all day at the computer, my back hurts.  If I eat too much junk food, my stomach burns.  If I smoke too much, I wheeze.  If I stay up all night, it throws off my sleep routine and takes many days to get back on a regular schedule.  So, this is my last day in vacation slugville.  Will be more pics and more activity starting tomorrow.  For today...  I'm off to play :0)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Woke up to a Tragedy

How do I manage to forget I'm OUT of COFFEE between yesterday morning and this morning?    I've already discussed how important coffee is.  How could I forget?  Obviously I'm distracted with my Everquest adventures.  Needless to say, I let the dogs out and took my jammied, socked footed self to the Seven Eleven on the corner.  What a wonderful country we have.  What a wonderful morning I have now that there is coffee.  Beautiful day here.  It's been warm enough to melt the snow off of the roads and sidewalks but all the snow is still on the grass.  I've got the windows open and I may just have to practice walking the dogs later today. 

Mom came by to visit.  It doesn't happen very often.  It was nice to see her and catch up.  I got a rice cooker for my birthday ( Sanyo ECJ-HC55S ) .  I really like to eat rice with dinner but cooking it is a mess so I never do it.  Now I will be able to have it whenever I want.  I'll keep you posted on how it works.  It will also steam and works as a small crock pot.  I usually get the frozen veg that steams in the bag but it is expensive.  Another money saving device.  If I like it, it will make the RV cut, we'll see? Expectations for my stuff has gone up a notch.   IF it doesn't do it for me, it will not make the cut :0)   Time to Play!! 

Monday, February 22, 2010

What do Big Girl Panties look like?

First day of my short vacation.  I worked late last night and man I had vactionitis!  Was so ready to go.  I wanted to show you where I will be spending my time off.  Here is my Everquest II character in the new, expansion pack, land. 

Mntnwmyn the Conjurer, in our vacation location

I woke up (no dog waking me up today) and it is a beautiful Colorado day.  Cold, clear day with bright blue skies.  The five years I lived in Texas, there were 2 things I missed the most.  Bright blue skies and squeaky snow.  It will be interesting to find other places I can find that special color of bright blue.  The squeaky snow comes from very dry & very cold weather.  Hopefully, I won't be seeing a lot of that in my RV life.  Dogs fed and coffee made, I went to dig for my big girl panties. 

With the help of a little hot chocolate in my coffee, I sat down to catch up on my financial tracking.  It didn't hurt a bit and I'm proud it's done.   My life is a fight with the bratty 14 year old inside my head.  Good thing I didn't have any kids.  They would be teen-age now and it couldn't be a good thing for BOTH mom and kid to be bratty, whiney, & stubborn.  I am a good employee but when it comes to life, I learn and develop very slowly.  Could be called stubborness, I prefer to think of it as persistance :0) 

Maybe it would help if I made wearing the big girl panties more fun?  What if I could picture the big girl panties?  Searching 'big girl panties' on Google yields poor results initially. 

This YouTube video made me LAUGH OUT LOUD 

I'm off to Play.  I'll see you down the road.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffee Time Again

I LOVE coffee!  Wake up coffee time is often my favorite time of day.  Listening to the radio and dinking around.  The getting up part is not so fun but the thought of coffee gets me out of bed.  Strong coffee, a little sweetener, some milk and I'm good to go.  My favorite thing about coffee is it something I love that is not on my list of things I need to quit or cut down on :0)

I still need to update my spending.  I've never been good about managing my money.  Most of my working life I've had someone take care of it for me and just give me an allowance.  My thoughts went like this...  If I were married, one person is usually the money person.  I'm not in a relationship, I'm not a money person, so makes sense to get someone I trust to handle it.   It actually makes my heart race, whenever I deal with my money.  Just one of the things I am having to learn about, and get over, to make this RV thing happen.  I'm moving slowly and making a little progress every week.  The lucky thing is, I acknowledged I wouldn't do it, and found someone to do it for me.  That kept me from getting into tons of debt and kept my credit rating good.  I still have some debt and that needs to be paid off before I start my new life.  That's why there is a two year delay between my decision & hitting the road.   I've been using Quicken to follow my spending since November 2009.  I don't like it! Not sure I ever will.  I know how important it is to track where every dime is going now, so I can live my new life securely.    Once I start my LLC, for working as independent contractor, I will use a Quicken product to keep track of business in's & outs.  Dipping my toe into Quicken is good practice for me.  Where the heck did I get "money issues"?  No bad experiences with finances in the past.  No particular excess or lack of money in my upbringing.  I'm not particularly biased against math or numbers.  Who Knows?  It is a fact that I have to get over it to make this happen and I WANT this to happen. 

My computer game (Everquest II) is a blast!!  Had fun last night.  Amazing what they do with these computer generated worlds.  Truly is a separate planet.  Different economy, social structure and environment.  I can see how people loose themselves in these fantasy worlds.  Don't worry...  I'm not on may way to an Oprah Show about online gaming addiction :0)  It will, however, make for a fun vacation this week.    The best thing about this hobby is it's CHEAP.  A word I have come to value since planning for my lifestyle change.  On , Howard details how he tracks their spending and income.  He is also VERY good at showing how important it is, when there is no fixed income stream.  Of course, he has an acoountant background.  He makes it sound easy and matter of fact.  Somehow, he wrote about it, in a way that it was not scary to me.  This is what I heard as I read about the financial stuff...  "so take that number and divide by 12, pay that much a month, and you're debt free in a year.  If that number is not managable, keep dividing, until you find a number you can pay per month.  The number you divided by, to get the number you can live with, is the number of months it will take to get debt free."  Howard makes more sense and is more eloquent than I am.  My head got it! My heart is slowly catching up with the process.   

Just an example of how I operate.  I was supposed to catch up with my financial tracking yesterday, I'm about a month behind.  In the light of what my life goal is right now, it's crucial that I do the financial work.  I skipped it.  I played and read blogs.  The fishies are important too, don't get me wrong, but in the whole scheme of things... Not so much.   So I wrote about avoiding the fishies.  Brains are strange and wonderful things.  I'm learning to work with mine.  Who would have EVER thought there was so much personal exploration (and growth) that would go into the preparation fo full-time RVing? 

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry Fishies

I'm a big weanie when it comes to getting wet.  Kind of strange, for a Pisces.  I don't like feeling that wet cold.  It must be in my head because I can turn the heat up and still feel cold when I come out of the water.  There is no way to clean large fish tanks and stay dry.  It's very cold and gloomy outside today and that doesn't help any.  So the fishies will have to wait until vacation days to get their digs clean. 

I watched some TV I've missed while watching the Olympics and got my RV Dreaming fix.  Searching websites for used RV's I might like to have some day. 
The sites I search are: 
RV Online
RV Trader
Camping World

I keep a list of  'must haves' for my future rig.  I have narrowed my choices down to Tiffin Allegro (if I'm lucky enough to find a used one I can afford),

The Damon Daybreak,

Winnebago Sightseer,

I figure I can fall in love with the 2010's this year and the used ones just MIGHT be in my price range by 2012.   I did say this was RV Dreaming not RV Reality time :0)  My estimate is that I will have $50,000 to spend, MAX. 

I have a close friend that works for PharrRV in Lubbock, TX and I will investigate that resource when buy time gets closer.  It is a Fleetwood dealership.  The internet research I've done does not show that Fleetwoods are the RV of choice for full-timers.  Seems that if you get a good one they are VERY good but the bad ones provide no end of headaches.  I will keep the Fleetwood Southwind

on the list but it's going to take some convincing for it to make the cut. 

The rest of the day will be spent on playing my favorite computer game (Everquest II).  I received the new expansion pack in the mail and it's TIME TO PLAY. 

Hope you all are having a most excellent day and evening.  Take care

3 Long Work Days Done

Glad I am another day closer.  Is it too soon to start a calendar that I can XX off the work days I have left as I go?  As long as I need a calculator to figure out the number of days, it's probably too soon :0)   ARGH!!  Delayed gratification has never been my strength.  Learning to do something new is a GOOD thing! Right?

I am planning work on the fish tanks tomorrow.  The poor fishies diserve some attention.   Also need to work on my $$ tracking.  I'm tracking every penny I spend so I will be able to make informed decisions about how much I need/want to live on.  Somehow, I think the need amount, and the want amount, may be very different :0).  

RV Thoughts for the day:
  • It will be over soon enough.  Hang in there, keep doing what you know you need to do.

Friday, February 19, 2010

How about some Pics?

Work is done for the day.  An ice pack and time helped with the eye.  Now I'm back to baseline odd looking and have backed off from creepy :0)

I finished work and found a box on the patio (doesn't UPS ring the bell any more?).  The box was covered in SNOW.  So now there is a soggy box of dog food in my entry way.  The dogs are still too tuckered to tear up the box, I think it will be safe for the night.  (or I'll have some interesting pictures for the blog)



This picture was nicer than the soggy box :0)

I thought I would show off the glassware that will make the RV cut.  Pick Your Poison!
you may also notice the socks I received for Christmas, and the ragged pot holder.  Those items will NOT be making the cut. 
See how easy it is for me to sort things out? 

I Know, I can hear all you full timers shaking your heads with knowing smiles.  I'll get back with you after I have to touch and sort EVERYTHING. 

Off to bed I go.   Have to work same shift tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that callers will be kind.  I am lucky that I don't have to fight the snow on my commute to work tomorrow.   

RV Thoughts for the day: 
  • I always spend Christmas Eve with family.  It's cold and snowing in Denver for Christmas.  I will probably miss some Christmas Eve's.  Is that o.k. with me?  I have other family in West Texas.  What's the weather like in West Texas for Christmas?  I think I've heard of some family in the Florida Keys....  I wonder what THEY do for Christmas Eve?  hehe

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Punched in the EYE

I look like I've been socked in the eye. Last night, I got up from the computer, and rubbed my itching eye with my Left hand. Within minutes, the eye was red and totally puffed up. I don't have a lot of allergies, but I obviously got into something! I washed my hands & face. rinsed the eye and took some Benadryl. Within 30 minutes, it started to improve a little and I went to bed. This morning I look like I was punched. Still puffy, eye red and watering like CRAZY. When I shut my eye it aches like a bruise, when it's open I have double vision. UMM Decisions..... Decisions... Pain or double vision causes headache & nasea?? First think I did was check my computer connections for work. Driving with double vision probably not the best choice. Connections are all good! So off to the back room I go to work. Hope the eye keeps improving, this is a little creepy.

I have 2 days off next week. YEAH!! Mostly will use the time to geak out on my computer game. Everquest 2 is an online computer game that I have played for years. It's the cheapest hobby I've had and I get to meet interesting people from all over the world (if the world includes Australia, Canada, Asia {can't remember it it's Taiwan, China or Japan} and the U.S.). For my job, when I'm in the RV, I'll have to maintain at least DSL speeds to get the work done. DSL speeds make my game doable, but it's more fun at cable internet speeds. I'm assuming that I won't miss it much. There will be so much more for me to see and do when I'm living in the home on wheels.

I like the "small house, big back yard" phrase I've seen when referring to living in an RV.

FUN FACT: Did you know? Your eyes, nose & mouth are all connected. That's why your nose gets snotty when you cry.

Because of this fun factoid, I had a plugged/runny nose (despite being on antihistamines). Not a great way to provide good phone service. But it worked out. At least I didn't call in sick. Any sick calls are hard on everyone else that is working.

Long Day, Late Entry

Breakfast with Kiki was GREAT.  She is one of my favorite people.  She is beautiful and kind and smart.  Most excellent combination!  Kiki's parents are RVer's.  They have done tons of traveling and even ran an RV park in Colorado for a while.  I plan on picking their brains a lot!  Can't wait to meet them some day.  Kiki and her whole family spent a year in an RV, traveling around the U.S. and Mexico when she was a teen.  She has good memories of the adventure.  Kiki is on of the few people at work that know of my plans to leave in 2 years.  She has made some big life changes herself and we got to talk about some ways to leave work without burning any bridges.  I LOVE a win/win situation when it can be worked out. 

Talking about my plans, to someone who gets It, is invaluable to me.  The conversations encourage me and get me excited all over again. 

No pictures for today.  I'll need to keep my camera closer at hand.  The pics sure liven up these entries. 

The dogs stay with friends when I am at work and get all worn out playing with other dogs.  The are both crashed in bed already.  I will be joining them soon. 

RV Thoughts Today: 

  • I have 4 etched tumbler glasses that will make the cut and get to the RV.
  • A life when I never have to look for parking, downtown, on a week day again :0)
  • Will it be easy to find off-lease dog parks near where I park the RV? I won't be able to pack the dogs on the motorcycle. 
  • I need to sell the fish tanks sooner rather than later.  I'm not caring for them like I should because I know they will not be a part of the new adventure. 
  • I think I have a plan for caravan on my first trip to Mexico.  I hear the ocean there is warm.  I've never been in a warm ocean.   
Night All!  Hope your sleep was/is rejuvenating and your day was/is peaceful.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Working Morning

Thank you SO much for the comments.  Each one gives me a little thrill :0) and reminds me I am not alone. 

Have to go in to work today so here's a quick note to say hi. 

I remind myself:
  •  "be present" (UGH that term makes me nuts but not sure how else to say it) with my callers.
  •   Let them know that I hear what they are saying (even if I don't give the answer they want)
  •   Be kind and gentle no matter how much chaos is going on around me. 
  •   Don't take things personally.  They have no idea who I am.  It's not about me. 
  •   Each call is one step closer to my RV life (I can break it down to amt of $$ per call or even per minute if I need to hehe)
Meeting a friend for breakfast this morning.  She made a big life change about a year ago.  I'm going to pick her brain and catch up. 

I raise my coffee cup to everyone in blogland.  Here's to a good day!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waking Up Early

I'm the first to admit that I stay up too late on my days off.  Last night watching the Olympics.  I am not a sports person but the Olympics does something for me.  I enjoy the personal stories and always root for the underdog.  I had never watched the Biathlon before.  They X country ski for their lives (with a gun on their back), stop to shoot at small targets (from lying and standing) then throw the gun on their backs and ski like crazy some more.  For each target they miss they have to ski extra penalty laps (NO PRESSURE).  

funny looking gun, exciting competition

I LOVED watching it.  Pulling for each person as they shot at those targets while controlling their hearts and breathing.  I swear you could see the gun moving with their heart beats.  Have no idea who came up with the contest, but it's a doozy.   

So, I'm sleeping in on my day off.  Except for letting the whining dog out early.  When I start to hear this horrible scraping and clunking.  It's not the regular shoveling after a snowstorm (and it wasn't snowing last night anyway).  The noise just keeps going and going and goind until I finally give in and get up to make coffee.    What do I see when I look outside?

Time to make the coffee!

They are scraping the icy build up from the snow this winter? Never seen them do that before.  I like the benefits to living in a condo,  no yard work and no worrying about outside maintenance.  The trade-off is I don't get to choose when they do said maintenance.  I know,  I have a rough life!!

I keep reading that RV life may have a lot of trade offs.  I guess this little Bobcat is letting me practice.

How excited I am to find two followers!  It's like having local celebrities dropping by to say hi!  I've been following Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and The Goode Life for some time.  It's funny how I've never met them but they are a part of my life and the changes I'm working on.  So excited to meet them some day.  Also a comment from Al of Travel with the Bayfield Bunch.  Al has shown me that a person that is not so sociable can enjoy RV life too.   Thanks all, for dropping by, and your kind words. 

RV Prep thoughts for the day: 
  • Need to make sure I have a solar option and a quiet generator for boondocking. 
  • Frustrates me when I have to wake up, earlier than I want to, to open the door for the whining dog.  What about when I have to take that same whiner for a walk?  I think these dogs are going to OWN me when we move to the RV.  Better not get rid of my trashy slip on shoes when I break down the house.


Monday, February 15, 2010

So Now it Starts

I have been thinking of starting a blog for a while.  I have regularly kept a journal.  I work things out there, tell stories, and get silly or morose occasionally. 

I started researching full-time RV life September of 2009.  I have gotten much of my inspiration and information from blogs of those that are living the lifestyle.  Regular blog posters are rare in the category I search (single, female, full-time RV).  There are even fewer blogs of single women preparing for the change.  So I thought I would make one and see if I can find some kindred spirits. 

For now, I'm planning on purchasing a 30 foot Class A (the RV's that look like buses).  I will take my motorcycle as a toad (towed vehicle to get around local areas when I'm parked).  The Class A will have to be used so I can afford it.  Recently, my research has been focused on whether I can afford to do this.  Things like insurance, vehicle upkeep, and RV space rental look like they will take the most money.  I have gotten excellent estimates on how much things will cost from financial pages.  Thank you to Howard and Linda! 

Currently, I work most of my shifts from my home office but the job will not translate to my new lifestyle. I'm thinking I can learn medical transcription and use that to make a living on the road.  That will involve starting my own company so I can work as an independent contractor. 

My head is all over the place.  Some days I think this will all be too much work and too much change.  Other days, I'm ready to get in my truck and leave tomorrow.  I regularly ask myself WHY?  I have a good job, a good life, couldn't wish for more.   I'm still working on a concise answer to WHY?  I know it has to do with learning to live from heart instead of my head.  Finding my joy.  I read blogs and books on this topic and they always make me tear up.  Tear up with a longing deep in my chest.  I have a feeling that I want that.  I think it would change how I feel about life and people.

What do I see when I dream about my life on the road?  I've never been a big traveller.  I don't like to fly, I don't like crowds, and I don't like being rushed.  There are things I want to see.  Mt. Rushmore, The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Washington DC etc.  I envision being able to see these places in my own time, avoiding the biggest crowds, and really learning about each thing.  I love exploring cemetaries and making up stories about the people represented by the headstones.  I love living slowly, taking my time to fully explore and experience anything I want to.  I like to meet interesting individuals and learn their stories, their experiences, and their life lessons.  I hope to avoid hustle/bustle, dressing up and mean people. 

On people:  I just want to say that I generally avoid them.  I get my feelings hurt easily and I think people can be unpredictable, careless, and mean.  I know there are good people out there (most of them love dogs ).  I have met some excellent people that I value as friends and family.  I have also met sociopaths, meanies and bullies.  The RVers I have met, have tended towards the better side.  I'm hoping to increase my chances of meeting the excellent people with my change in lifestyle.