Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching up, Cookies.

When I last left off, I had just gotten the job I wanted and was off to bake cookies.   Everyone got their cookies for Christmas.  Choc chip, Oatmeal Raisin and, sugar cookies.  That's 3 batches of cookies made with Goodwill purchased equipment, by a non-baker.  Come join me on this journey, will you? 



I found the baskets at Goodwill for 91 cents a piece.  Simple, Right???   Not so much.  To give you an idea.  I grabbed my camera, for the first time since the cookie baking adventure, and it's slimed with cookie dough.  I'm still finding chunks of cookie dough on the cabinets in the kitchen.  The mixer I found was one of those electric hand mixers.  I had to get a big bowl to mix the dough in, and I found a huge plastic one.   Plastic does not make a good mixing bowl, it's not very stable.  I'll tell you, that hand mixer is powerful.  It can fling flour and dough further than I would have ever imagined.  Maybe I can start a 'Punkin Chunkin' type event. 
I started with the sugar cookies, figuring they would be the easiest:

Red sugar ended up everywhere even though I tried to only use it over the sink.
Can you see the small chunks of dough all over??   The goofy dogs weren't sure what to think, they aren't used to seeing me in the kitchen.   They did help keep the floor clean. 

And here are the oatmeal raisin cookies I promised. 

Notice I went through 2 rolls of paper towels :0)

Here are the keepers:

They weren't fabulous.  The sugar cookies were a little too sweet and the choc chip cookies were probably not cooked quite enough.  They did have lots of love in them, and family was generous with their praise.  Got all my Christmas gifts in for under $75 and some good fun was had by all.  I'll say, if I have the choice, I'd rather have a job so I can spend a little more money and buy gifts.   That was how I spent my day before Christmas Eve :0)  Only took 6 hours to make 3 batches of cookies.  I think I'll keep my day job (now that I have one).  There is not a closet baker, inside me, fighting to get out. 


Me and My Dog said...

Your keepers look delicious! And very cute baskets for your gifts.

If you are not a baker, the best part of your gift is that you made the effort to bake cookies for your family.

Great time to have a dog around, that's for sure. :)

Me and My Dog said...

Also, Congrats on your new job - well done! Have you already started? You must have, you are sounding so happy.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Good work! I love the effort to de-monetize gifts, so I give this project the coveted Frugal Gifter Award.