Sunday, October 31, 2010


First time in many years that I have had > 7 days off in a row (except for breaking my leg several years ago).  This is my 8th unemployed day.  I've noticed that all the people I interact with are much nicer.  I'm not silly enough to believe that everyone else in the world suddenly changed, it MUST be me.  Am I being nicer??  I think so.  I know I'm smiling more.  It was SO time to leave that job.  I am suitably freaked out that I do not have a job yet.  I know for sure I will have SOMETHING that pays money within 1.5 weeks.  I have checked my bank account repeatedly to re-assure myself that we will be o.k.  The money from the truck sale is helping give a little cushion.  Unfortunately, my paid off credit card is not so paid off any more.  That will get fixed.  I am writing cover letters, learning about the changes in job hunting over the last 11 years, and getting all my paperwork together for the temp nursing agencies.   I was going to try to get scrubs from GoodWill or ARC but I wated too long.  Checked 3 stores Friday and there wasn't much choice because people had cleaned them out for Halloween. 

In addition, I've managed to get ALL the dirty clothes off my closet floor.  Haven't done that in many months.  I'm about to finish the last 2 loads today.  I gave up on my camera, found a good sale and got another one.  Not a good choice when I don't have any money coming in...  Good choice for blogland though.  There will finally be pictures back in my blog. 

In the spirit of BREATHE...  smoking stops tomorrow.  This seems a good time.  New car that I don't want to smell like smoke and applying for jobs that are not smoking compatible.  I don't have to worry about alcohol interference because it's not in the budget.  Also, my CPR class confirmed all my worst fears about my current physical condition.  It was pitiful.  I just can't present myself to patients as a nurse, like this.  Besides, one month of cigarettes will pay for that new camera. 

So, here we go again!!  Last time!!  Me & You Together. 

Hope all is well.  Thanks for hanging in with me while I was maxed out at the end of the job. 
Take care and be gentle with each other.  I'll keep you posted.


Four Windows with a View said...

I just found your blog and I'm working my way through your posts from your first entry. I thought I'd go ahead and say hi now and keep reading.


Merikay said...

Are you eligible for unemployment?

These days should give you a chance to get some extra sleep and restore yourself.

Good luck in finding a new job.

Me and My Dog said...

You hang in there, too. Enjoy your days off while you can, you'll be working again before you know it. It takes a little time to wind down from a job that wasn't working for you.

Good luck, especially with the smoking. If you are able to stop, it will be the best thing you can do for yourself.


Anonymous said...

Here's something that has helped me stay off the cigarettes. I seldom go where cigarettes are sold. I don't go in convenience stores, don't go in the discount cigarette store and try not to go thru the checkouts that feature cigarettes in the grocery store or WalMart.

If they are not convenient to buy then you have to think about it longer before you get a pack. I have found that the absolute NEED for a cigarette passes before I ever get near a convenient place to buy.

I have been off for 18 months now. Some days are harder than others. I know that, for me, if I have one cig today I'll have a pack tomorrow. I don't want to smoke like that so I can't have one today.

The real secret to succeeding is trying. LG

Merikay said...

Katie, A coupe of days ago I fond a really interesting blog written by a solo female RVer.

I had herd about Jennifer before, but hadn't followed up.

I think you might really like her. Since she started writing in July of 09, there is not that much to go thru to "back read."

She has done it!

her blog is called Living in My Car and is at:

The Good Luck Duck said...

Hi there,

I just wanted to say that UNEMPLOYMENT ROCKS. Well, the no-insurance thing rocks less, that is, I stay further away from rocks now. Everything else blows steady work out of the water.

You're a nurse? You can probably walk into an interview in last night's sweatpants and walk out with a job.

Looking forward to catching up. Oh, and I found you indirectly through Jennifer's site, although I don't think you're there yet ... ?