Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kind of Still Waiting, Kind of on the Road

O.k.  so I put in my notice at work, and I don't have a job to go to and I just took on a loan and bought a new (to me) car.  Sounds like a mess Huh?  I know, it sounds like a mess to my inner financial manager I've been working so hard to develop for the last year (remember? me,  money management, not my strong point, have to fix that before I go on road..  It's been getting better but now she's got this irritating banshee like wail going on in my head.  My mother was never this much of a nag.)

You will have to forgive me, this schedule is still killing me.  I get about one day a week when I get a full 8 hours, uninterrupted sleep.  I have always known I needed 7-8 hour sleep a night to function well, but I've never gone this long, this sleep deprived.  I've found that I become a total, flakey, ditzy, unfocused, tearful, mess when I don't get enough sleep.  I was hanging in and waiting for a new job to come through.  Needless to say, the descriptors I gave in the previous sentence do not add up to a strong interviewee :0).  I haven't gotten any offers.  I have some vacation time built up at work, my plan was to request days off here and there so I could hang in there until a new job came through.  Then I discovered I had made a mistake.  It wasn't a dangerous or horrible mistake.  No one was hurt,  I'm not sure anyone else even noticed, it was all fine.  It wasn't a mistake I ever would have made if I was getting enough sleep.   To me, it was a signal, a red flag that it was time to go.  I submitted 3 weeks notice the day I found the mistake.  So my last day is October 23rd.  Since I totally blew an interview (I won't go into details, it involved crying.  If the place made me an offer I wouldn't work for them because they are obviously stupid or so desperate they've lost all sense of judgement), I've quit interviewing until I get my schedule back on track.  I will be doing agency nursing until something better comes up.  That involves lots of flexibility and hard work.  Time to dig out the stethescope, nursing shoes and scrubs I haven't used in years.    It's not easy work, but it will pay the bills, hopefully the perfect job will come in soon. 

In the mean time, I have to get my toad before I leave my job so I will still qualify for a loan.  My friends; flaky, crazy and  easily distracted were shopping for a toad :0)  What a circus.  Let's just have a moment of silence for the poor car salesmen I dealt with.  My short term memory is useless at this point.  Here I am with my list of towable cars, and my evaluations for the cars I'm interested in, trying to explain the the salesman why I could care less about the colors or the options the car has.  Also trying to explain that the towable and curb weight part of the equation are deal breakers.  So, I pick up my new (to me) car on Friday.  The man will pay me for the rest of the truck and pick it up on Saturday morning.  My last day of work is one week from Saturday.  ARGH!!!!

If you want to check it out, my toad is a 2009 Chevy HHT in dark Grey.  Front wheel drive, automatic.  It has lot's of cargo space for the crazy dogs and the whole cargo area is covered in hard plastic.  Cargo area is big enough that I will be able to haul my bicycle in the car when I'm on the road.  It is kind of funny looking, but cute, and it's growing on me.  According to edmonds, I got a very fair price on the car. 

Counting my Blessings: 
  • Crazy dogs that are as baffled by weird schedule as I am.  They make me smile every day
  • My sense of humor (if you've seen the dog in the movie UP!, I am him these days... SQUIRREL!)
  • My nursing license that gives me earning power no matter what. 
So sorry for long time between posts.  I will keep you posted.  Hope all is well out there is blog land.  Be gentle with each other. 


Debbie Goode said...

Hey....sounds like a plan to me and a pretty good one at that! Smart folks always know when it is time to go and not only did you know, but you had the courage to actually do it! Bravo, my dear, Bravo!

Merikay said...

Where did you get a list of towables?

I didn't know you could have an automatic. Is it towable with all four wheels down, or will you have to have a front wheel trailer thing?

Automatic sounds good to me. I was dreading going back to a standard transmission.

Susan said...

Congratulations on the decision. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. If it's right for you, it's RIGHT!
I too would like to know of a list of towable cars, preferably automatic. Looking forward to your posts.