Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Decorating

I had a nice time with my mom.  The first time I have gotten to decorate with her for many years.  The dogs got to spend the day in the back yard and were DOG tired when we got home :0)  We bought some of the new LED Christmas Tree lights.  They are multi-colored and very bright.  I'm sure the tree will look fabulous once the sun goes down. 

Here is my favorite Christmas decoration of all time.  She has been at every Christmas.  The run in her wings is something I did, when I was playing with her (many years ago).  If I wind up the bottom, she plays silent night and spins slowly.  One of those things that has had a place in my Christmas forever.  If she could talk, I'm sure she would have some stories.  Then again, her eyes are closed.  Her stories might be from an unusual perspective :0)

I finished my second interview for the home health job yesterday.  I went to my first interview for the research job yesterday.  I really want that research job!  I have my second interview for the research job on Thursday.  The weather is FABULOUS today.  Days like this remind me how much I like living in Denver.  I'm feeling great, it's just that pesky lack of income thing that is bugging me a little :0)   I will commence cookie baking on Monday.  I'll get pics and keep you posted.  Keep your fingers crossed for the research job!

This will be the first time, in many years, I have had ALL the holidays off (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve & New Years day).  At my old job, we had to pick which two holidays we could have off and work the others. 

  • Beautiful weather today so I can open the windows
  • Happy dogs
  • Netflix to keep me entertained.
  • Fabulous family and time off to enjoy them.
  • Options, options, options!!!


Merikay said...

@nd interviews are a good sign! Heres hoping you get the job you want.

Me and My Dog said...

It's nice you were able to decorate the tree with your Mom. I'm sure she enjoyed it.

Good luck with the job. Hope you get an offer soon. My fingers are crossed!