Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ma'am, your ignition cylinder failed

Don't even get me started about the fact that he called me ma'am :0) 
Car was still under warranty, fixed in less than a day and the dealership provided me a car while it was in the shop.  Sounds good, Right? 

Now let’s look at it from my perspective.  Thursday night, I get off work around 1830 (late patient) and go to pick up the dogs.  Tired dogs into the car without trouble.  I decide to stop and get dinner on the way home.  It’s about 1845 now.  I pull into the Qdoba parking lot and….  The key will not turn.  Damn car will not turn off.  Can’t get key out of the ignition.  NOW WHAT?  This car has not given me a bit of trouble since I bought it.  Even does pretty well on the snow.  Maybe it won’t let me turn it off because I’m trying to get junk food for dinner?  I drive over to the Natural Grocers….  No Dice.  Tired dogs are getting a little miffed, they want to get home & fed as well.  Please note, I do not play the helpless woman very well.  If the thing had stalled, wouldn’t start, or even blown up, I’d know what to do.   But it won’t turn off.  The key is stuck solid.  I run through the gears, jiggle away, no dice.  I can’t just park it in the garage and deal in the morning, I’ll gas us out of house and home.  Minor detail, the thing has those automatic headlights, If I leave it running until it runs out of gas, I’ll kill my battery.  I am absolutely baffled.  Out of options, I decide to take the car back to the dealer where I bought it.  Luckily,  it’s kind of near where I am and it’s still open.  I pry my fingers off the stearing wheel.  Every cell of my body does not want to leave a car running in the parking lot with the keys in it.  I'm looking particularly baffled and helpless.  Used car salesmen get a bad rap.  My salesman was there, he came out to see what was up.  He didn't have to, he didn't know it was still under warranty (neither did I for that matter).  They already had my money and this car was truly no longer their problem.  He found someone to come pull a fuse so the car would stop, and fiddle with it a little.  That key was not coming out, no matter what they did.  Within 1.5 hours....  I had a car to drive and was assurred they would handle it in the morning.  They made sure I had my other keys, the garage door opener, and even moved my snow brush into the new car.  I won't forget to mention that they decided to ask forgiveness, instead of permission in regards to putting the sleepy dogs into the car I was "test-driving" overnight. 

Conclusion:  If anyone needs a new or used car come see Dan Nelson at Ed Bozarth Chevrolet in Aurora, CO.

Hope all is well out in blogland.  I'm learning to enjoy my new job and live on a lot less money.  Take care. 

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