Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Indications, I may be getting older...

I had heard of the Apple Store.  On T.V. there are passing references.  We all know I'm a big T.V. fan.  I had occasionally heard of how awesome the customer service was.  I've always been in the Microsoft camp.  I drank the Bill Gates kool-aid long ago and I don't tend to look elsewhere if it's working for me.  I continued using my Walkman until I realized cassettes wore out when I played them over & over (I listen to the same books on tape again & again).  I never used a portable cd player.  When the 'big' Ipod came out (20GB), and the price became reasonable, I jumped on the bandwagon.  My Ipod is filled with all my favorite books on tape.  I listen to it every night.  I keep waiting for Mr. Gates to come out with something as good, but they can't do it (I've got the Zune.... it's a poor substitute).   My iPod has a metal case, it has been dropped, scratched, thumped and used nightly for years.  2 years ago, my iPod quit holding a charge.  So, I got another used one and decided to get the battery replaced in my original.  Not an easy thing to do.  So it sat & sat.  Sat on the shelf where things sit that need to be fixed.  Recently, my 'new' iPod has been keeping less of a charge.   Apple will replace the battery if I mail it to them.  I never got around to mailing it to them.  Batteries Plus will replace it but I would have to leave it at the store for a few days.  I had a day off and decided to check out the Apple store.  The Apple store staff are very attentive and there are PLENTY of them.  They were very patient, and very tech savy.  I brought out my iPog 20 GB photo and the boy held it with awe.  "Wow! You've got one of these? I've only seen pictures"  The kind young man ordered my part and said he would call me when it came in.  Then I could bring in my old iPod and trade it for a refurbished one.  They sent me an e-mail and called my 2 days later, to say my part was in.    Yesterday, I went to pick it up.  There was a group of 3 employees that gathered around to see my metal iPod.  As if they were looking at a rare relic.  They each hefted it, and looked at it.  "I didn't know we had any of these anymore".  One girl reminisced, "I had one of these once, it was my first, but it was stolen".  I finally said, "oh come one, It's not THAT old".  The boy looked at me and gently said.  "They haven't sold them since 2005?"

I am now the owner of a bright, shiny, refurbished iPod, for the price of the battery only.  I would say I agree that the Apple Store had great customer service.  But....  BOY HOWDY are the employees YOUNG!!!

Make no mistake.  Indications I am getting older, are not a bad thing.  I spent many of my young years wanting to be nothing more then older.  To be GROWN, with my own house & money was my goal.  I guess I made it.  LOL

Things are good here.  I even caught myself singing yesterday morning.  I find myself smiling more.  Thinking of cigarettes less.   Hope the world is treating you all fair.  Be gentle with each other.   

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