Friday, July 2, 2010

Flip Flops are the new Wine?

I came to a problem yesterday.  I was getting off work from a busy but not horrible day, I had the next day off and I wanted to give myself a treat.  Usually, that means I pick up a bottle of wine and some junk food.  Settle in to watch a silly or very emotional movie.  The problem is...  I'm not smoking and if I want to continue to be a non-smoker, I need to stay away from alcohol for now.  The drinking part of my brain is intimately involved with the smoking park of my brain.  My brain, drinking, is an impulsive place who's favorite line is "what the F*&@!".  It would smoke, in a heart beat.   I'm also working on my weight (20 pounds down so far), which means, no Junk Food.  So what kind of treats do I look forward to now?

One suggestion I got was to pick up some flip flops?  Several other people agreed that would be fun.  I guess they are cheap and easy to find and come in all types of fun designs and women like to get new flip flops.  I pass a Target on my way home..  So I guess flip flops were an option?  I don't shop.  I, especially don't shop for clothes and shoes.  Please refer to the previously posted pick of my feet!  They are more paddles than feet and can be difficult to fit.  My summer shoes are a pair of Birkenstock sandals I've been wearing for years.  When they wear out, I order another pain online.  They are not cute but the are comfortable and functional.   Even if I found a pair of cute flip flops that would fit... looking at my newly pedicured toes in new fun flip flops by the light of a silly movie..  just didn't sound like the kind of relaxing, fun, evening I am looking for.    I didn't stop for the flip flops. 

Other suggestions were a new computer game (maybe), Wii game (too much activity for a relaxing night), movie (but I have netflix), or cooking up a healthy/easy chinese meal (I'm not the 'cooking is fun and relaxing' kind of gal), or picking up a new craft project I could start (I love to start them but finishing them is not my strong point :0).  I liked the craft project idea but I wanted something I could do in low light (remember the silly movie?)

What did I do?  I know you are waiting to hear! 

As I got closer to Target, I became concerned I would get junk & booze (this is a Super Target that sells both) since that is part of my routine.  I really didn't want to deal with the people & traffic anyway.  I decided to take a different road home than I usually do.  It was a BEAUTIFUL evening and I was driving with all the windows down.  I never realized how many people smoke in their cars!!  I can smell a cigarette smoking 50 feet away now lol (is it bad that I wanted them to get closer and blow the smoke my way??).  I stopped and got some junk food close to home.  Got home, ate, and went straight to bed.  Not an exciting end to the story.   The good part is that I now known this is a tripping point.  Next time I will be prepared.  I will have a plan for a place to stop to get a computer game or craft project on my way home.  I think I'll leave the cute flip flops to other ladies :0)


Merikay said...

Congratulations on not buying wine or cigarettes. I remember thinking second hand smoke smelled pretty good, but now it literally makes me sick.

35 years a smoker. 9 years smoke free.

Every smoke free day is a god day.

meowmomma... said...

somehow, as happens quite frequently, I have stumbled across your blog from someone elses. I just want to say good for you for stopping smoking! I never smoked (only one in my family!) and now, after 3 THREE sinus surgeries I have lost my sense of smell and suffer chronic sinus infections that have led me to also have fibromyalgia... maybe I should have smoked? no, just kidding!!!
To save you from searching, we RV, but not fulltime. are at home currently; waiting on a backup camera that seems to be lost... you seem to have a great plan! stick to it and I hope it comes easily for you!! I'm not a blog follower, but I bookmark...

Happy 4th!!!!!