Monday, June 28, 2010

Look what happens when I quit smoking!!!

My toenails turn Pink :0)  I found a coupon, on line, for a nail place across the street.  It was interesting, I haven't done that in a long time.  Kind of a yucky process for the nail tech.  It was well worth the price!  I only thought about smoking once in the whole hour.  Now my feet feel fabulous and look kinda cute too :0)

While I was waiting for my nails to dry I stared at a wonderful painting of 8 horses.  All different colored horses running acroos the side of a grassy mountain.  I imagined the orange horse and the green horse were just falling in love and being shunned by the others.  The lone white horse, fought valliantly to be a strong leader despite being so different from the other horses...  This is where my brain goes when everyone around me is speaking a foreign language and I have to keep my feet under the purple light.    So, there is Asian writing on the painting, I kept imagining what profound thing it might say.  When I checked out, I asked the gentleman what it said.  "Eight Horses" he tells me with a strong accent.  I'm sure it sounds much prettier in their language.  It certainly looks prettier in writing.  Hope all is well in blogland. 

This is not exactly what the painting looked like but it's similar.  A Google seach tells me:  "A famous Chinese proverb says "horses come bringing success".  The horse is one of the most popular animals in the Chinese zodiac and is often used to symbolize Yang energy in Chinese culture."

  • Healthy, goofy dogs that make me smile every day.
  • A new home for my saltwater fish and corals. 
  • The ability to be a non-smoker for a week. 
  • Hard-working nail tech to make my toes look cute and my feet feel soft. 
  • Breathing better each day I do not smoke


Merikay said...

Good for you on one week!

Did I miss something about the fish? Did you sell the tank with fish?

Katie said...

Nope, unfortunately, just sold the live stock (fish and most of the corals) Hiya Marikay! Thanks for stopping by