Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm So Upset Now But this will End

I'm really not one to hold grudges, but I can't get past this new schedule set up at work.  I have shifted my sleeping schedule.  Trained myself so I can sleep 7-8 hours between 0300 & 1100 every day (even my days off).  I'm just miserable and angry.  I am truly living to work right now and not much living going on.  I had a hard time working this kind of schedule when I was in my twenties, things have not gotten better with time.  On days I work, I am working & sleeping & miserable.  On days I have off, I'm trying to keep my life intact with laundry, groceries, and giving the crazy dogs attention once in a while.  Unfortunately, blogging is not fitting in there.  Is part of this feeling sorry for myself? Probably.  But it also truly SUCKS.  No one should have a permanent schedule like this, except maybe, Keith Richards :0)

Drama is not my thing.  I'm putting an end to this.  I haven't heard from the job I really want but I have someone inside, hopefully, working for me.  I have even offerred to take the job at lower pay, in the beginning, so I can get the training.  I'm going to give them 2 weeks to get back to me.  That means, two weeks from yesterday, I head out to hospitals near me and put in my application.  Stinks that the economy is even affecting nursing jobs.  Nurses that have been working only part time or have left nursing, are returning because the major wage earner in the household has lost their job.  I never would have thought it would affect nursing, but there you have it. 

I've been playing a game called...  Better or Worse than the job I have now??  There are truly some jobs that would be worse.  Like: Jr. High School Teacher, Parking lot Repaver, Public Gym Janitor, Pediatric ICU nurse.  There are others.  Can this be today's version of counting my blessings?  I am thankful I have what I have.  No one is starving, the bills are being paid, and I will have this job as long as I want it.   I'm still putting in an honest days work and trying not to bad mouth or gripe about my current job when I'm there.   The longer this goes on, more other jobs look better :0)

The short story is that me and the crazy dogs are fine, we're hanging in there.  Still planning on full-time by March 2012.  I will find you all out there.  Hope all is well, I haven't been able to follow blogs recently.  Take care and be gentle with yourselves. 


Merikay said...

You take care too and check in with us from time to time. I was glad to see this blog, even if it wasn't full of upbeat news, because I worry you are not happy at this time.

This to shall pass. Don't try to eat your way thru it.

Love those dogs and take them for a longer walk!

Pictures are good too.

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Hiya Katie,
Working in a call center would make me mental now matter what the schedule! I'm glad you can see the positive side and I hope you can find some ways of de-stressing. One of the reasons we went full-time this June was the work-related stress. Hang in there, hug and walk the pups and sleep well. All things happen when and as they should. Peace!

Susan said...

Hi Katie, I know what you mean. I was in the same place as you. I took a very early retirement and took a $2.50/hr pay cut. The stress level on a scale of 1 to 10 went from 15 to 2, even though it was in a call center then and now. It's now 10 years later and I'm looking at real retirement and full timing within a year. Hang in there, be good to yourself and those pups. You'll make the right decision.

Debbie Goode said...

You are stronger than you think and you will eventually see that light at the end of the tunnel. We plan on still being on the road in 2012 and God willing many years after that...we should be heading west in about 6 more weeks!

Wil said...

Katie, you have a great blog here. I'm a new reader, so you may have discussed this in the past, so forgive the ignorance (and laziness for not searching your archives). Have you given any serious thought to becoming a "Traveler"? That is, a traveling nurse accepting short assignments, filling in for folks on medical, personal leave or sabbaticals? For instance, I know the Bethel and Nome, Alaska hospitals are almost always seeking travelers willing to make a two-year commitment and they assist with housing which would allow you to keep the dogs with you. One friend has worked some 30 separate assignments in both the USA and overseas over the past 12 years, but she isn't encumbered by pets. In any event, flexibility and a willingness to take on the hard jobs are some of the keys to "Traveller" success. Characteristics I see in you from your writing.

Just had to ask. All the best, regardless of the choices you make.