Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still waiting...

Put my app in at a near by hosp on Friday.  Confirmed they rec'd it today.  Just waiting...  waiting...  waiting... and trying to maintain what little is left of my sanity,  At least I'm medicated LOL (remember the Prozac I got for quitting smoking?).  Now I'm medicated and Smoking so all should be right with the world, Right? 

Good news:  Credit Card paid off.  Found a person that wants to buy my old truck for a good price.  So in addition to the craziness of this schedule & emotions of switching jobs, I'm hunting for a Toad.  I need to get it before I switch jobs since I'll need to finance it.  The search helps me to remember what is important and keep my eyes on the prize.  I'm just having such a hard time focusing, I have to do it in short bursts.  Glad there's lot's of good info out there about it, and it's a buyers market. 

In regards to Travel Nursing...  That's my back up plan if I can't make enough money doing medical transcription.  I like the idea of just working a few hours every day, from the rig, as opposed to commuting to a job for 40 hours per week.  Hope all is well out in blog land.  I've just barely been able to skim some blogs.  Take care and be gentle with each other. 


Merikay said...

Don't be down on yourself for still smoking. Quit every day and one day it will stick! Just don't give up.

I was on Prozac too. I got it to help with the depression I think was caused by my feeling bad about myself because I didn't (notice I said didn't not couldn't) quit smoking.

It helped the depression, but not the smoking. Eventually I got off both.

Have you tried to picture all the negatives in your future if you keep smoking?

Imagine having to leave a friendly circle of RVers gathered for an evening pot luck just so you can lurk in some dark corner to puff on a lonely smoke.

Then think about the look of revulsion on their faces when you come back reeking of cigarettes.

Now visualize yourself healthy and laughing with the others. Relaxed because you are not missing out on the fellowship and fun.

-- Just s little motivational visualization! This sort of thing helped me a small bit.

You CAN do it.

Merikay said...

Oh I forgot! CONGRATULATIONS on getting that credit card paid off. That is a big step.

As much as we hate it, we all need more money....

Debbie Goode said...

Yes, congrats on the credit card...that is a huge accomplishment in my book and one you should be very proud of. As to the rest....one day at a time my dear....one day at a time!

Jennifer said...

Where are you?