Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Found Another Woman to Follow

I have located another solo female that is out and about.  Her Blog is Minnie Minerva.   Her writing is intriguing.  She mixes the mystical aspects and practical facts of RV living into a fascinating blog.  She has allowed me a different perspective on all the changes I'm feeling as I work towards my goal.  I will focus my thoughts more on going with the flow and embracing the process (o.k. I just have to find other words for that, that phrase makes me cringe a little).  My, more practical brain is saying "Just Get a Grip, you are growing up and learning All about delayed gratification."  I think Susan's approach sounds better and is, definitely, more productive.  I'll work on it. 

IF I was living the life I want, already...  I'd be at that RV-Dreams Rally right now.  Probably heading out to the circle of friends forming around Howard and Linda's 5er.

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