Friday, April 9, 2010

Running Around

I've come to terms with dogs in coats over the years. Little, dogs, when it's really cold or wet. Yesterday, I had a moment. I went out to pull in the trash can and what do I see? Runner on the trail, early in the morning is not a surprise. A very attractive woman in her jacket, ear warmers, and gloves jogging happily (o.k. I don't know how happy she was but I didn't have a camera and it makes a pretty picture doesn't it?) along with her big dog. The dog had a coat on. My initial thought was, come on! it's not that cold! Then I checked the thermometer and it was 30 degrees outside. The dog was a short haired, skinny dog. He was big though. Just looked odd. I wonder how the dog felt about it :0) ?

1 comment:

Merikay said...

Probably quite warm! I always feel sorry for male Dashounds in deep snow!

If horses sometimes need blankets, maybe dogs do too. On the other hand, I would have never put a coat onto my yellow labs.