Thursday, April 1, 2010


I made a mistake on my post.  I've just realized this, as I check off my accomplisments for the day.  I have accomplished few of my goals. 
  • Sleep 8 hours and no more             CHECK
  • Shower every other day                 CHECK I showered today
  • 8 glasses of water per day (64 oz)  I've made 48 oz so far
  • 6 servings of fruit/veg                     only 2
  • Move 30 minutes per day               NOPE

I am a strong advocate for bootstraps and taking care of yourself. I've just now realized that I've missed something, that is required in the daily goals, for all these years. 

One of my daily goals HAS to be earn some $$ money!  How did I miss that.  It's not in any of the, 'live your life to it's potential' books.  I have the all  lined up in my library.  Unfortunately, it was not in the daily goals my momma taught me.  Yet somehow I got it.  I've been putting 'earn money' on the priority list forever it seems. 

Gee, that sounds like I have now got tons of money.  Not so much...  I am not dependent on anyone but myself (and probably these goofy dogs :0)      Not bad for 43 y/o female. 

SO... making money has been added to my daily minimal goals.  Along with eating 6 servings of fruit/veg per day lol. 

Unless wine counts as fruit servings...  I'm behind today.  I did earn money, a good chunk of money, today.  That's a big one!

3 out of 6 today. 

How will it go tomorrow?

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