Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah

Woke up 2 days ago just feeling blah.  Kinda tired and flat with a sort of sore throat.  Not really sick, maybe sick coming on?  Who knows?  Allergy season is here so it could be that too.  Slept most of the the day yesterday, today, still the same only now back is sore from being in bed all day.  I just can't win here.    Just not sure.  Hanging in for today.  Have Dentist this morning.  Yay!!  ME!! 

Still fielding responses from Craigslist for the tank.  I'm getting better at this.  The woman who had expressed interest in the truck never returned call after leaving 2 messages, so that fell through. 

Have good days and be gentle with each other. 

  • cheap coffee that still tasted good. 
  • artificial sweetener for coffee so I can drink as much as I want. 
  • goofy dogs keeping me company and making me laugh. 
  • funny morning show on the radio
  • dental insurance so the visit today won't cost much at all. 


Merikay said...

Hope you feel better soon. Go walk in the fresh air and sunshine with the dogs. Sunshine will make you feel better.

Re: Buyers from Craig's list. Be sure you ask for CASH payment in full when you talk to them on the phone. NO checks! No money order's. If they come, you strike a deal and they say they don't have enough cash along, send them to a bank or ATM.

Don't be afraid of loosing the sale. If you do, they were probably going to give you a rubber check anyway.

I have had several experiences trying to collect bad checks that I took at Craft shows. It is a real pain and most of the time you can't get the money, or the time invested is more than it's worth.

Demand cash upfront. People buying on Craig's list should expect it.

I have bought from Craig's list a couple of time. What I do is put the amount of cash into an envelope that I am willing to pay. It is usually slightly less than the asking price. Then if I approved of the item, I told the seller "I have X amount in this envelope." If they want more, I walked.

Once I walked, and three times I paid only what I had intended.

-Nellie said...

Hi Katie! Thanks for becoming a "follower" of my blog. I stopped by to check yours out, and enjoyed reading your posts :) My husband and I have also chosen not to have kids! We do have a 6 lb Yorkie boy that totally curbs any desire to have the human version.

Feel free to post comments on my blog so I'll know you're still out there reading!