Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to Work and Craigslist

First day back in the office with my improved attitude was yesterday.  I tried.  If I don't listen to my ipod at work, it helps my ability to interact with people but also let's me hear others being annoying.  It's a double edged sword that I need to find the balance with.  I never realized how much I roll my eyes.  How 15 years old is that?  I know it's rude, juvenile, and must be stopped.  I'm just too old to be doing that.   

I never made it to the Celestial Seasonings plant on my vacation.  Things just kept coming up.  I did manage to loose 2 pounds on my vacation and I enjoyed the time to re-group.  Truck got all fixed up with it's annual check-up and cost less than I thought.  They were even able to fix the broken door at a reasonable price.  The truck will need new tires sometime in the next year.  I have the number of the woman that is interested in buying the truck, I'll keep you posted on how that goes.  I also found out that a friend will be selling her 2002 honda civic soon.  She is the only owner and is getting a bigger vehicle for her growing family.  Guess what!  That particular car tows well & easily.  Stuff falling in to place?  We'll see. 

My Craigs List lessons continue.  The fish tank buyer fell through so I have posted the add again.  Seems like things just take FOREVER.  I want it NOW.  Practicing my patience is becoming a habit.  This is a good thing I suppose.

Did you see?  Jennifer of Living in My Car checked out my blog and left a nice comment.  Thank you Jennifer!  She's dealing with a leak and some other troubles on her adventure right now.  I guess other people get to work on patience too :0)

  • Safe place for dogs to stay and play when I have to work in the office. 
  • Kind people at work that Get Me! and make me laugh
  • 'So You Think You Can Dance' TV show.  The human body is just amazing!
  • Still thankful for AC I can afford
  • Books on tape, the one that kept me listening in bed this morning was "Candy Girl".  A memoir by a girl that decided to try out stripping, in MN of all places. 


Merikay said...

We had a very large fish tank when we lived in Texas. It was salt water. When we moved to California we donated the fish to the Ft. Worth Aquarium and sold the big tank to a man who wanted it as a safe place to keep his Koi when there was a freeze!

We still have a whole bunch of fish tank stuff in one of the garages. Including the large base stand. Some day I will address that.

Decided to wait until July to do the MG. Husband is on a roll with the outside repairs and I think I'll just keep up with what he wants for now. The MG will keep.

Anonymous said...

as luck would have it, i am getting a sneaking feeling i will be getting laid-off soon... may help to speed up my plans, we'll see... when we look back on things - don't they all make sense? if they do, why not trust that the future will too!