Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yep, I'm Sick.

Good things about being sick......   Not working (I'm not sure, if I was given the choice, if it's worth the trade).  Cold meds and colds make me sleepy so I spend my time in this twilight sleep listening to books on tape.  With this cold, at least I SOUND pitiful too, so when someone calls me or I call in to work I get lot's of sympathy.  Glad I am actually ill.  My brain plays tricks, so when I want to spend the whole day in bed, it's good to know for sure that it's physical and not mental. 

Hope all is well out there in blogland. 


Merikay said...

Sleep is the best medicine. But don't drive when on cold meds. I did once and took out the side of the garage!

-Nellie and Jonathan said...

I'm glad you're using your time stuck in bed listening to books on tape. I say spoil yourself as much as you can while you have the chance. Sometimes I think the only time I get to catch up on my sleep is when I'm sick in bed.

Take care!

Judy and Emma said...

Chicken soup is the ticket! The steam from the soup helps clear the sinus', and it's comforting as well. :)
Sorry you're under the weather.

Debbie Goode said...

Gosh....hope you are feeling better!