Monday, June 28, 2010

One week as a non-smoker

I've had moments where I was just convinced it was time to smoke.  This is not a painless process.  I have to step back, take and few deep breaths and a nicotine lozenge.  It would not be helpful to smoke.  I like breathing without using my inhaler every day.  No wheezing since I stopped smoking :0)  The money is a reason too.  When I went to the grocery store, I kept telling myself that I had $55 extra to spend on whatever I wanted since I was not buying cigarettes.  I've been thinking it would be nice to go get a pedicure with my cigarette money.  I love getting pedicures but do it rarely because it seems like such an extravagance.  I'm proud of myself for not smoking but I am angry that I got so hooked.  Looking forward to the day when the cravings are not as overwhelming.   I've noticed that I crave cigarettes a lot when I'm bored.  Time to get working on other things.  Maybe I can hit the treadmill and excercise these lungs of mine.  Since Merikay is painting, her mileage is on hold.  I might be able to catch up to her :0)  I too could be hiking 1000 miles in National Parks someday.

I sold the majority of the live stock in my fish tank.  I changed my posting on Craigslist to list out more of the specific items I have.  Hopefully will get more interest.   I had a moment of pang when the fishies and corals were being taken out.  It didn't last long though.  I told the man that bought them, I was selling the tank because I was going to move into an RV.  He had a hard time wrapping his brain around the concept. "I guess they have everything you need? Everything you have here?"  It was kind of fun for me.  Something that makes so much sense to me personally, this guy has no grasp of why I would even want to consider it.  It's still making me smile.  Is it the rebel in me that has fun making them wonder??

Having allergy attack today.  What's up with that.  Must be because it rained yesterday

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