Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changes, changing, changed

How I have gotten complacent.  Not challenging myself.  Not physically or emotionally.  My job was great but I was stagnant.  This job hunt is challenging.  I'm having to relocate & rev up my brain and my confidence.  Convincing people that I am a good nurse, a strong nurse, and an excellent employee is new.  Reminding myself to stop & listen.  Listen & learn.  Find my humility.  These are good lessons no matter what.  Lessons that I want to hang on to and keep for my RV adventure.  I think I will be much more fun to hang out with once I have done this :0)  I'm excited about the challenges that await me.  I'm also a little scared for the change.  Excitement is starting to trump scared :0)  I've only made it to phone interview so far.  Hopefully, I'm getting better at convincing them of my skills.  I'll keep you posted. 


Merikay said...

you can do it. It took courage to leave your old job without having something else lined up, but you knew it was the best thing to do.

Good Luck in your new quest.

Me and My Dog said...

Everything will work out for you. Job search is a full time job, and it will pay off. Right about the time you're really enjoying being out of work, someone will call to hire you! That always happens to me. (Luckily!)

Four Windows with a View said...

Now that you're gone from your stagnant job, I bet you'll come across a whole lot better when you do interview. Good luck finding the one you want.


Just saw this, no Call Centre!

My sister Becky (an LPN ) joined the travelling nurse assoc. She is presently working in Clearwater, Florida.