Sunday, November 28, 2010

So, Here's The Plan

Famous last words!!  I need to do something!  I've resorted to sorting mismatched socks. 
Thanksgiving went fine, excellent food and good company.  I love how supportive my family is.  I could tell them my plan was to paint myself purple & live naked.  They'd nod & smile.  Never were to sure what to do with me.  As long as I am supporting myself, staying out of jail, and not hurting anyone they are all good :0)  In my time off.....  I've cleaned & sorted every stich of clothing I own.  Cleaned off my desk,  Sorted & stacked the shoes in the entry closet, and made a good attempt at picking up my unfinished basement.  I've quit smoking, and lost 10 pounds.  Best of all, the box of mismatched socks that sits on top of my dryer has been sorted :0)  This is the pile of socks that still have no mates.  Still one of the great mysteries of life.  I am single, don't travel much, and I do all my own laundry.  How could I have this many single socks?  Where do they go.  They don't leave the house unless they are on my feet.  I'd blame it on the dogs, but they don't eat socks.  Here is the silliest thing.  After I matched up what I could, I put the singles back in the box!  Why not the trash?? 

It has become obvious that I need to do something.  Spending this much thought on mismatched socks.....  it's got to be a sign.    Monday, or probably Tuesday, I'm calling a real live person at the local teaching hospital.  I am going to explain to this person what a fabulous nurse and employee I am.  I am going to review with him/her that I have awesome nursing experience and that I am brilliant!  I am going to tell him/her that I will work as a new graduate nurse, same pay, same requirements, but I will be a mature nurse with lots to offer.  If he/she does not find a way to take me up on this win/win offer...  I will decide they are idiots and move on with my life :0)  I will take my nurse refresher course, sign up with nursing agencies and be on the road by this summer.  I will work contracts for 3 month and be off for 3 months.  That way I will still have consistent income and still get to play. 

That's my plan!!  Written in jello/smoke and I may or may not be sticking to it.  I'll keep you posted.
  • Nursing license
  • Goofy dogs that love me unconditionally and even 'get' me a little
  • Music that gives my joy
  • Warm house
  • Enough money in savings to give me options.   


Merikay said...

Sounds good to me. Would you be in an RV during the 3 months working?

Is your nursing license good in other states?

Katie said...

Hi Merikay!! I would be in an RV during my 3 months working. My license is good in some other states, for the other states I would need to apply and pay a fee.

Ali said...

Katie know what you mean. There is just the two of, we do our own laundry and yet they still seem to disappear. We keep tossing them in the bottom of the hamper. Since Ron wears the same kind of socks eventually they do get matched up.

Love your plan. Congrats on the loss of 10 lbs. Wish I could say the same thing.

Merikay said...

This sounds so exciting! About changing a plan. ... Better to change than to have no plan at all.

Some days I envy singles. You are in control of your life. I always have to balance my dreams with my husbands.

But then he is paying most of the bills!

Susan said...

Sounds like plan, Plan your work, work your plan! as to those socks, some of the thin ones actually are eaten by the washer, found one in the drain hose once.

Dixxe said...

Have you checked into the traveling nurse--Usually do a stint for 8-12 weeks then move on--good way to combine traveling and working till you can quit for good-
cant hurt to check it out. Good Luck

Debbie Goode said...

You are so lucky to have family that supports you....with the exception of my Grandfather (who is gone now) my family always comes up with all the negatives as to why that will NOT work! But, I'm used to it and I simple pay them no mind....