Monday, May 31, 2010

In with the Good Air, Out with the bad.

Between my mother, the guy who came to see the fish tank, and 'anonymous' commenter...  Starting to get the feeling my attitude about dealing with people to sell my fish tank is over the top.  Then the first two blogs I check out this morning are all about attitude adjustment.   I am definitely more flipped out about strangers coming to my house than dealing with the people themselves.  When someone would say they were coming to look, I would get myself all worked up, getting ready for them to come over, then I would be angry when they didn't show.  As you know, patience is not my strong point, and waiting for people to see the add, then follow up, is a process that takes patience.

The nice thing I woke up to is a show on HGTV called RV 2010. Show is at a big RV show, showing the newest RV's and the newest RV stuff. It was a cool show. Dreaming is good for the attitude.

Will my brain ever let me go? Probably not.  I need to give myself space to step back and breathe when I start getting on a roll.  I have to laugh.  Didn't I just make an entry about my tendency to move slowly and how I would enjoy that during this time off from work?   Maybe it takes me so long to do things because I'm busy buzzing in circles.  Winding myself up and getting nothing done.  Not a very flattering picture. 

As long as I'm fessing up to not very pretty sides of myself.  I released a BIG GREEN MONSTER yesterday.  Let it go.  Jealousy is not pretty and never leads to anything good.  I have been hugely jealous of a blogger I follow.  Jennifer is about my age and has just recently started on her full time adventure (Living in My Car).  I was jealous that she already had an income to live on while she was preparing, and once she was on the road.  Yesterday, I left a comment on her blog fessing up and wishing her well.  She is a great writer and takes interesting pics.  I will be following her closely and enjoying her adventure.  It felt good to let it go.  This is about me and the crazy dogs (please give me the 'crazy dogs' even though I am obviously crazier than them :0)  finding our way, learning, and having some fun along the way.

I will find my way in this process.  One way, or another, this is going to happen.  It helps to be able to share it here.  I've always kept a journal but it is different putting stuff out here, in public.  There is a different feeling to it.   

3 more days off from work.  I'm headed for Celestial Seasonings Wednesdy morning.  I may actually get some pictures up here for ya.  Pictures are always more interesting than just my blather. 

For today:  Grocery and Laundry.   Pretty exciting huh. 

  • All those people that give up so much so I can have the time and space to work out my dreams.
  • Dogs are sleeping in the sun.  HAPPY DOGS are a woderful sight. 
  • Housecleaner coming tomorrow
  • Air conditioning
  • cool TV shows to remind me of the cool part of the picture
Take care all!  Be gentle with each other.


Merikay said...

I know what you mean about being jealous of another blogger. I often feel a bit like that too.

Why have they gotten there, and not ME!

Our time will come. One step at a time.

I haven't tried to sell anything yet, it is building up in boxes for a flea market day. I have a list of what I want to offer on Craigs list and Ebay, but that hasn't started yet.

I have a goal of June 20th. to get the MG cleaned up, photographed, and on Craig's list.

That June 20 of TIS YEAR!

Anonymous said...

don't feel bad, i too am in the same boat... i'll be lucky if i get into a rig full-time before you.

thanks for the hgtv plug - will catch an episode 4 sure!

the more you know the easier things get ;)

p.s. i have sold many a thing on craigslist, but have never invited any buyer into my place. the one time my item was too big to bring out (new carpet i pulled out to put in hardwood floors) i had in the garage which i kept open during the exchange

Debbie Goode said...

Step by step, day by day, your time will come.....and yes, there is nothing better than happy dogs!

Judy and Emma said...

Hi Katie, I took your suggestion and think I incorporated "search this blog". Let me know if it works. Remember there is a time for every season...your fulltiming season just hasn't come yet. It will, if you want it to. :)

Jennifer said...

I was supposed to update my blog tonight, but spent the evening reading your entire blog!

I can relate so well to what you write. (Gaming, people, your food/my drinking, money phobia, friends having babies, etc).

I was addicted to Everquest for a while, but then moved to RPGs on my Xbox that assured me of no interaction with real human beings! (One problem is that I would drink too much wine and start killing everyone in the game. Ha ha. So sad.)

You write wonderfully. I like how you close your posts.

Be gentle with yourself, too.