Thursday, February 18, 2010

Long Day, Late Entry

Breakfast with Kiki was GREAT.  She is one of my favorite people.  She is beautiful and kind and smart.  Most excellent combination!  Kiki's parents are RVer's.  They have done tons of traveling and even ran an RV park in Colorado for a while.  I plan on picking their brains a lot!  Can't wait to meet them some day.  Kiki and her whole family spent a year in an RV, traveling around the U.S. and Mexico when she was a teen.  She has good memories of the adventure.  Kiki is on of the few people at work that know of my plans to leave in 2 years.  She has made some big life changes herself and we got to talk about some ways to leave work without burning any bridges.  I LOVE a win/win situation when it can be worked out. 

Talking about my plans, to someone who gets It, is invaluable to me.  The conversations encourage me and get me excited all over again. 

No pictures for today.  I'll need to keep my camera closer at hand.  The pics sure liven up these entries. 

The dogs stay with friends when I am at work and get all worn out playing with other dogs.  The are both crashed in bed already.  I will be joining them soon. 

RV Thoughts Today: 

  • I have 4 etched tumbler glasses that will make the cut and get to the RV.
  • A life when I never have to look for parking, downtown, on a week day again :0)
  • Will it be easy to find off-lease dog parks near where I park the RV? I won't be able to pack the dogs on the motorcycle. 
  • I need to sell the fish tanks sooner rather than later.  I'm not caring for them like I should because I know they will not be a part of the new adventure. 
  • I think I have a plan for caravan on my first trip to Mexico.  I hear the ocean there is warm.  I've never been in a warm ocean.   
Night All!  Hope your sleep was/is rejuvenating and your day was/is peaceful.

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