Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Waking Up Early

I'm the first to admit that I stay up too late on my days off.  Last night watching the Olympics.  I am not a sports person but the Olympics does something for me.  I enjoy the personal stories and always root for the underdog.  I had never watched the Biathlon before.  They X country ski for their lives (with a gun on their back), stop to shoot at small targets (from lying and standing) then throw the gun on their backs and ski like crazy some more.  For each target they miss they have to ski extra penalty laps (NO PRESSURE).  

funny looking gun, exciting competition

I LOVED watching it.  Pulling for each person as they shot at those targets while controlling their hearts and breathing.  I swear you could see the gun moving with their heart beats.  Have no idea who came up with the contest, but it's a doozy.   

So, I'm sleeping in on my day off.  Except for letting the whining dog out early.  When I start to hear this horrible scraping and clunking.  It's not the regular shoveling after a snowstorm (and it wasn't snowing last night anyway).  The noise just keeps going and going and goind until I finally give in and get up to make coffee.    What do I see when I look outside?

Time to make the coffee!

They are scraping the icy build up from the snow this winter? Never seen them do that before.  I like the benefits to living in a condo,  no yard work and no worrying about outside maintenance.  The trade-off is I don't get to choose when they do said maintenance.  I know,  I have a rough life!!

I keep reading that RV life may have a lot of trade offs.  I guess this little Bobcat is letting me practice.

How excited I am to find two followers!  It's like having local celebrities dropping by to say hi!  I've been following Rick & Paulette's RV Travels and The Goode Life for some time.  It's funny how I've never met them but they are a part of my life and the changes I'm working on.  So excited to meet them some day.  Also a comment from Al of Travel with the Bayfield Bunch.  Al has shown me that a person that is not so sociable can enjoy RV life too.   Thanks all, for dropping by, and your kind words. 

RV Prep thoughts for the day: 
  • Need to make sure I have a solar option and a quiet generator for boondocking. 
  • Frustrates me when I have to wake up, earlier than I want to, to open the door for the whining dog.  What about when I have to take that same whiner for a walk?  I think these dogs are going to OWN me when we move to the RV.  Better not get rid of my trashy slip on shoes when I break down the house.



Sandra said...

If you haven't already done so you should go into the chatroom on the rv-dreams.com site. Thanks for becoming a follower! Although we're grounded this winter we hope to do a trip in the spring to the Canadian Maritimes.

JB said...

As Sandra says the chat room is a great place to talk to folks who are on the same journey and find the many ways folks find to make it work. My wife and I are moving to the RV fulltime at the end of April and although we will still have our farm for a home base plan on traveling a lot and like Sandra are planning on the Maritimes but in the fall before running south for some hopefully warm weather next winter.

Debbie Goode said...

Ah yes....the dogs....we had a fenced in back yard back in our stick house. Just open the door and let them run....I do miss that! Early morning "wee walks" are a pain, but the rv life is so worth it. You will be amazed at how fast your dogs adapt...our two have actually learned to "wee" on command. They know at what times they can take their time and when it is time to just "get the job done"! Because it is time to travel or Mom's cold....LOL!