Saturday, February 27, 2010

This is the time

I would usually be writing in my journal but now I put it in my blog.  Warning! rambling ahead. 

Is the RV lifestyle the answer? I must be crazy? Will it be too much?  I have a job that I am good at.  Nothing particularly wrong with it.  It pays me well, so I can support my life any way I want.  I have a nice home and two wonderful dogs with a yard.  I want to move into a small box with my dogs.  Work as an independent contractor.  WOW!  Big change.  What for?  To slow down, meet wonderful people and learn all about America.  My life is not what anyone would call crazy now.  I just spent 4 days/nights playing an online computer game with little interruption.  Any hobby I want to pursue, I can.  I could move to a smaller home and change to working only part time.   I could take 1 week trips 2-3 times per year and learn a particular part or spot in America.   But I don't like to fly and driving to the locations can take away a lot of time.  I don't like leaving the dogs or my stuff, I don't like hotels.  I know about, and have budgeted for insurance that will help in case the worst happens.  I know about Escapees Rainbows End where I can go if there is an accident or I need surgery for some reason.  All the cleaning, repairing, planning and daily maintenance will be up to me.   Only me.  When I get overwhelmed here, I can back off and shut down.  No place for that in an RV.  Things seem to break more often in an RV than in a stix n brix.  Either because of weather or the fact that the home is going through an earthquake every time it moves.  I rarely ask my family for help, but If something happens now, I know they are there.  They can give me input.  My family does not know about RV's or living on the road.   Will I be able to get enough work as an independent contractor in medical transcription.  If I can't, I have to get a real job.   If I only have a motorcycle, commuting to a job may become problematic.  So, I rent a car or buy a used one.  More money output.  So I make sure I have more money saved before I quit my current job.  That's more time before I can start the RV life.   Is it worth it?  Isn't there another way? 

When I get this way I tell myself to stop and take a deep breath.  This is not a foregone conclusion.  It's a process I can stop at any point.  I'm talking about making the final decisions 2 years from now.  No matter what I decide, I know there needs to be a change.  No matter what the change may be, it will require paying off my debt and getting into better physical condition.  Keep plugging, keep trudging, keep doing what you have to do for today.   Just focus on today for now.   

Time to go to work.  I'll be back later.

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Sandra said...

Being a solo RVer can be tough. I don't know if you read Gypsy She has a truck and 5th wheel that's she's finding is too much for her. Do your research carefully when choosing an RV for a solo RVer.