Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Long Work Days Done

Glad I am another day closer.  Is it too soon to start a calendar that I can XX off the work days I have left as I go?  As long as I need a calculator to figure out the number of days, it's probably too soon :0)   ARGH!!  Delayed gratification has never been my strength.  Learning to do something new is a GOOD thing! Right?

I am planning work on the fish tanks tomorrow.  The poor fishies diserve some attention.   Also need to work on my $$ tracking.  I'm tracking every penny I spend so I will be able to make informed decisions about how much I need/want to live on.  Somehow, I think the need amount, and the want amount, may be very different :0).  

RV Thoughts for the day:
  • It will be over soon enough.  Hang in there, keep doing what you know you need to do.

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