Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Working Morning

Thank you SO much for the comments.  Each one gives me a little thrill :0) and reminds me I am not alone. 

Have to go in to work today so here's a quick note to say hi. 

I remind myself:
  •  "be present" (UGH that term makes me nuts but not sure how else to say it) with my callers.
  •   Let them know that I hear what they are saying (even if I don't give the answer they want)
  •   Be kind and gentle no matter how much chaos is going on around me. 
  •   Don't take things personally.  They have no idea who I am.  It's not about me. 
  •   Each call is one step closer to my RV life (I can break it down to amt of $$ per call or even per minute if I need to hehe)
Meeting a friend for breakfast this morning.  She made a big life change about a year ago.  I'm going to pick her brain and catch up. 

I raise my coffee cup to everyone in blogland.  Here's to a good day!

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