Friday, February 19, 2010

How about some Pics?

Work is done for the day.  An ice pack and time helped with the eye.  Now I'm back to baseline odd looking and have backed off from creepy :0)

I finished work and found a box on the patio (doesn't UPS ring the bell any more?).  The box was covered in SNOW.  So now there is a soggy box of dog food in my entry way.  The dogs are still too tuckered to tear up the box, I think it will be safe for the night.  (or I'll have some interesting pictures for the blog)



This picture was nicer than the soggy box :0)

I thought I would show off the glassware that will make the RV cut.  Pick Your Poison!
you may also notice the socks I received for Christmas, and the ragged pot holder.  Those items will NOT be making the cut. 
See how easy it is for me to sort things out? 

I Know, I can hear all you full timers shaking your heads with knowing smiles.  I'll get back with you after I have to touch and sort EVERYTHING. 

Off to bed I go.   Have to work same shift tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that callers will be kind.  I am lucky that I don't have to fight the snow on my commute to work tomorrow.   

RV Thoughts for the day: 
  • I always spend Christmas Eve with family.  It's cold and snowing in Denver for Christmas.  I will probably miss some Christmas Eve's.  Is that o.k. with me?  I have other family in West Texas.  What's the weather like in West Texas for Christmas?  I think I've heard of some family in the Florida Keys....  I wonder what THEY do for Christmas Eve?  hehe

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