Monday, February 22, 2010

What do Big Girl Panties look like?

First day of my short vacation.  I worked late last night and man I had vactionitis!  Was so ready to go.  I wanted to show you where I will be spending my time off.  Here is my Everquest II character in the new, expansion pack, land. 

Mntnwmyn the Conjurer, in our vacation location

I woke up (no dog waking me up today) and it is a beautiful Colorado day.  Cold, clear day with bright blue skies.  The five years I lived in Texas, there were 2 things I missed the most.  Bright blue skies and squeaky snow.  It will be interesting to find other places I can find that special color of bright blue.  The squeaky snow comes from very dry & very cold weather.  Hopefully, I won't be seeing a lot of that in my RV life.  Dogs fed and coffee made, I went to dig for my big girl panties. 

With the help of a little hot chocolate in my coffee, I sat down to catch up on my financial tracking.  It didn't hurt a bit and I'm proud it's done.   My life is a fight with the bratty 14 year old inside my head.  Good thing I didn't have any kids.  They would be teen-age now and it couldn't be a good thing for BOTH mom and kid to be bratty, whiney, & stubborn.  I am a good employee but when it comes to life, I learn and develop very slowly.  Could be called stubborness, I prefer to think of it as persistance :0) 

Maybe it would help if I made wearing the big girl panties more fun?  What if I could picture the big girl panties?  Searching 'big girl panties' on Google yields poor results initially. 

This YouTube video made me LAUGH OUT LOUD 

I'm off to Play.  I'll see you down the road.

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