Thursday, February 18, 2010

Punched in the EYE

I look like I've been socked in the eye. Last night, I got up from the computer, and rubbed my itching eye with my Left hand. Within minutes, the eye was red and totally puffed up. I don't have a lot of allergies, but I obviously got into something! I washed my hands & face. rinsed the eye and took some Benadryl. Within 30 minutes, it started to improve a little and I went to bed. This morning I look like I was punched. Still puffy, eye red and watering like CRAZY. When I shut my eye it aches like a bruise, when it's open I have double vision. UMM Decisions..... Decisions... Pain or double vision causes headache & nasea?? First think I did was check my computer connections for work. Driving with double vision probably not the best choice. Connections are all good! So off to the back room I go to work. Hope the eye keeps improving, this is a little creepy.

I have 2 days off next week. YEAH!! Mostly will use the time to geak out on my computer game. Everquest 2 is an online computer game that I have played for years. It's the cheapest hobby I've had and I get to meet interesting people from all over the world (if the world includes Australia, Canada, Asia {can't remember it it's Taiwan, China or Japan} and the U.S.). For my job, when I'm in the RV, I'll have to maintain at least DSL speeds to get the work done. DSL speeds make my game doable, but it's more fun at cable internet speeds. I'm assuming that I won't miss it much. There will be so much more for me to see and do when I'm living in the home on wheels.

I like the "small house, big back yard" phrase I've seen when referring to living in an RV.

FUN FACT: Did you know? Your eyes, nose & mouth are all connected. That's why your nose gets snotty when you cry.

Because of this fun factoid, I had a plugged/runny nose (despite being on antihistamines). Not a great way to provide good phone service. But it worked out. At least I didn't call in sick. Any sick calls are hard on everyone else that is working.

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