Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cooking Update

Feeling better this morning.  No snacking before bed last night.  I actually had to have a real chat with myself.  Turn my stubborness (persistance :0) to good use.  I had to recall other times I've had to suck it up.  Running a 10K was a good one to remember.  Amazing what bad habits I have and HOW MUCH it takes to get past them.   

The rice cooker works amazing for steaming.  Fill it, push button and go.  I steamed some asparagus.  AWESOME.  I ate 1/2 pound of it.  The microwave stuff is fine but it's expensive and the fresh was so much tastier.  Makes me wonder what REAL fresh asparagus would taste like.  In Colorado, our fresh, is sometimes relative.  I also did brown rice with chicken stock & garlic.  Came out perfect.  I would prefer if the bowl was dishwasher safe, but it's not hard to clean.   A paper towel, and it was all set.

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