Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Have Pink Duct Tape On My Foot!!

I've been wanting to tell someone that for a while.  Just run up to a stranger and exclaim! Just to see their reaction.  What might the reaction be.  I don't think there's a book in it, but it might get a laugh. 

I have a plantar wart on the bottom on my right foot.  Have no idea where it came from and it has been there for several months.  If you've never had one.  Let me tell you.  They hurt.  Kind of like walking around with a rock in your shoe. 

So, a month ago, I did searching on the internet to find a cure.  The remedies that are sold in the store are expensive so I decided to try another option.  I kept finding references to duct tape.  The only duct tape I could find that day, was pink!  I'm not a fan of pink.  I didn't want to go on a mission to find duct tape (probably more of that limiting activity stuff my brain was doing).  So, I've been walking around with pink duct tape wrapped around my foot for about a month now.  It seems to be working.  Working slowly.  The wart is much smaller.  It's less painful as long as I keep treating it.  If I stop the duct tape for a day or two, the pain comes back.   So, I'll keep doing it.  I wish I knew why it worked.  I can't imagine duct tape has magical properties.  Though, I'll admit, it is a pretty special tape :0)

For now...  I have pink duct tape on my foot. 

Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for stopping by. 

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