Wednesday, March 17, 2010

American Idol

I am a reality show junky.  For sure.  Priority for the motorhome is satellite TV.  I love to watch people and TV is a part of that.  Of all the reality shows, American Idol is not my fav. 

Tonight, I was catching up.  I wait for a performer that gives me goose bumps &/or makes me cry.  It's a hobby. 

So I'm watching the show I recorded last night.  It's the Rolling Stones for gosh sakes.  If anything (besides country music) can give me goose bumps and make me cry, it's got to be the Rolling Stones.  No one did it.  One came close but then she messed up the lyrics and I lost it.  All of a sudden, I'm watching a girl perform and I notice the number to vote during her song.  I claimed conspiracy and reversed the recording to see if they did that with others.  They do it with every one.   HMMM  what makes her performance draw me to the numbers?

I guess if I could figure that out...  I'd be able to make RVmoney coaching American Idol wannabes.  Let me go study this some more... 

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