Friday, March 12, 2010

Change in plan

I think I'm going to plan for a towed vehicle instead of taking a motorcycle on a hydraulic lift.  I really wanted to avoid towing anything.  Just to make my life easier on the road.  Friends have made some good points and I've had my own concerns.  I am particular concerned about the dogs.  There is no way I could take a medium size dogs on the motorcycle, to a vet or a dog park.  Even considered a side-car but won't fit on the motorcycle lift :0)  Having a vehicle would also address my worries about having a job commute, if I need the money.  Sooooo  Now for more research.  I wish I could use the vehicle I have now.  It's a 1993, it has low mileage and I'm the only owner.  It's a dependable vehicle that has been well taken care of.  The problem..  It's a 2WD long bed pickup with a topper on it.  Internet indicates it weighs about 4300 lbs.  That's a lot to tow.  The limited research, I've done so far, indicates that I can easily tow approximately 2500lb vehicle behind a loaded, 30 foot gas motor home.  Big gap to bridge.  I would appreciate any input. 

Georgeous outside today!  Dog park day today.  Newest obsession..  I received a membership to NetFlix for my B-day.  I love documentaries and they can be hard to find, even as rentals.  My NetFlix membership will let me watch them on line.  Amazing choices.  I've watched several that I really loved.  I'll get the titles up on another day.

I'm having trouble figuring out the best way to reply to comments.  When the E-mail about comments arrives in my box, the EM address is 'no reply'.  Some posters don't have blogs or there is no way to EM them from there blogs.  What am I missing?

Hope all is well out there.  Thanks for stopping by.  Thanks, in advance, for any towed vehicle input.


Judy and Emma said...

I spent my first year as a fulltimer with a moped on back. Didn't take me long to realize I needed a car. My rig is a 29' class A, and I tow a Ford Focus (four door). I had reservations about towing, but after learning a few tricks of the trade, it is a breeze. You aren't always going to be in sunny weather, so I agree you need a toad. My owner's manual says I can tow 5000 lbs., but I chose to go with the lightweight Focus so as not to push the limits.

As far as answering comments, I either address them in the next day's blog post or add a comment of my own to the comment section.

Katie said...

Thanks for the input. I will put Ford Focus on my list.