Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oscar Party

I'm running late here.  Story of my life.  I was working Sunday night and wanted to watch all the pre-shows before watching the Oscars.  I got everything watched yesterday.  Then, it takes me time to sit with anything I am emotional about.  Sandra Bullock's speech was so impressive, it made me cry.  She is gracious and funny.  Who else could honor her mother, show so much love for her husband, and joke about an affair with Meryl Streep in < 1.5 minutes.    If there was a speech writer..  he/she deserves an huge tip.   It was wonderful!

Monique was so gracious through the whole process.  She is a unique performer & person.  She has taken an unusual route to her Academy award and the publicity machine has tried to dig at her.  In the interview with Barbara Walters, she talked about how playing the role allowed her to find forgiveness in her own life.  At the same time she explained how she has not let herself live as a victim.  She didn't have to give gory details to make it all very clear.  What a Class Act!  

I wish I could speak so specifically, kindly, and with so much clarity.   I am impressed with people that can combine kindness, sincerity and humor. 

Fighting with my mouth, brain, instincts and how they all interact, has been a challenge my whole life.  For the last 3 months I have been training myself to think before I speak and speak less.  I read about Socrates triple filter.  Before I speak I try to apply the filter first..  Is it true? Is it kind? Is it helpful?  I don't remember all the time, but I am getting better.  If Socrates wrote about installing a filter between the brain & the mouth, I know it's not a unique or new problem :0) 

I like watching the fashion too.  I have no talent for what looks good, or why.  There were some beautiful dresses.  I all could think was..  How do they sit in those things?  That can't be comfortable?  After a 3-4 hours getting ready, 1 hour commute and 3.5 hour show..  I would be running from the theatre, ripping off my clothes to put on jammies and socks, within moments.  I am not one for dressing up..  can you tell?  I want to give huge honors to the stylist and designer for Gabourey Sidibe (star of Precious).  Her blue, jeweled gown was perfect for her.  The fit was fabulous and the jewels were in just the perfect places.  It took absolute design talent, and a knowledge of how to show off a large woman.    It takes more than just adding extra material to a size 8 dress.  I'm so happy it was not a bedazzled mumu. I want to offer up a big 'Good Job' to Marchesa! who designed her dress. 

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