Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fessing up and Funny How things work out

So now is the time for me to fess up.  Remember all the talk about the fish when it was really my financial tracking I was avoiding?  Well, here we go again.  My biggest worry about full-time RVing is that I am currently 5 foot 6.5 inches and 293 pounds.  Worse, I'm in horrible shape!  I can't walk up & down the stairs in my house > 2X before I am huffing/puffing and my legs give out.  Doing the Wii Fit's simplest yoga poses, I shake, and get comments of concern from the WiiFit lady.  I can't even ride my motorcycle for more than an hour without being sore for days.  I have always been overweight.  I have had years when I was in good shape.  I jogged and hiked and rode my mountain bike.  About 2 years ago, I had and accident and broke some bones.  I was trapped in the upstairs of my house for months.  I'm all healed, but never regained any of the cardiovascular or muscular fitness I had.  

I had a personal melt down about the whole issue Monday night.  Time for some action. I spent yesterday putting together my menu (you can check out and making my grocery list.   I didn't make it to the grocery store (much more fun to watch movies on the couch!). 

This morning I woke up, showered, took the dogs to daycare, and arrived at work promptly.  Only to find out that I was 5 hours early!!  ARGH!!  Imagine that?  Just enough time to get everything on my new grocery list, put the groceries away, wash the veggies, write a blog entry, and get back to work.   Makes me think someone is watching out after me :0)

So here is my healthy stocked frig and the product basket.  The frig was empty, except for some expired eggs and wilted salad from 2 months ago.  My produce basket had 2 apples, dying a slow and unseemly death.

After the big trip to the grocery store..  my back hurts and my feet hurt.  Can I count that as a work-out?  Since I have gotten this out of shape, I am realizing I have changed my life so I don't have to put in as much effort.  I don't make big grocery runs, I only get 4-5 bags at a time.  I've been doing more of my shopping on the web instead of braving the stores.  Picking up mail once per week instead of every other day (God forbid I take 20 steps to the mail box daily).  I've quit taking care of my large fish tank (a 300 gallon, fully enclosed, fish tank takes a step stool and some gymnastics to keep clean).  Small things that my brain has done to make my life take even less effort. 

I'm no-nonsense when it comes to weight and weight loss. You won't catch me blaming it on my metabolism or my up-bringing.  I know I am fat because I eat a lot of high calorie food.  I stay fat because people ignore the big girls.  Well, sometimes they stare but they won't look me in the eye. I'm in piss poor shape because I sit on my butt all day.  I believe in the biology.  If I burn more calories than I take in, I will loose weight.   I also know that loosing weight is a HUGE head game.  That's where I fall down.  My brain will play tricks on me from here to Asia, in order to keep me fat. 

Sparkpeople is a great, free, site.  It has user friendly areas to track nutrition & exercise.  They lay out suggested menus for each day of the week.  They even have menus for those of us that don't cook. 

So, now, you have it.  The projects I have to do between now and Feb 2012.  I have to get my debt paid off and get into better shape.   Maybe I can even get a cheaper RV once my butt is smaller, and I don't need such a large space around the toilet? lol. 

Back to work I go.  Hope all is well out there.  Thanks for dropping by. 

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