Monday, March 22, 2010

Laundry Day

Today is a beautiful DAY.  All the windows are open.  My last entry said it was snowing up a big storm.  It really has NOT been that long since I posted.  Wecome to Denver.  Don't like the weather?..  Just give it 10 minutes .  Tomorrow I sell my motorcycle.  There is a person at work that has been saving to buy it for months.  I'm getting a fair price.  I had anticipating buying another before I did the RV thing, now, maybe not.   It's a little sad but I'm selling this one because it's not the most comfortable bike for me.  For now, I'd rather be able to use the money to pay off some credit card debt. 

Project for today is to do laundry, find the motorcycle title and get the battery charged.  I just realized, this morning, that the tires may be low.  I hope not.  I'll keep you posted.  Hope all is well out there in blog land. 

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