Friday, March 5, 2010

I Found an RV today

There are times when I find an ad and think (that can be dangerous with this brain).  What if I just DID it.  Forget the planning and good sense.  Just buy and RV and Rock!  When I first started researching for my life change, I was hooked on getting a LazyDaze class C.  The new ones look like refurbished, retro rigs. 

They are built well and have to be purchased factory direct.  The have a dedicated following.  Kind of like those groups that are obsessed with one brand like Gulfstream or Harley Davidson.  There is an amazing full-timer that has had 2 of them and has tracked his travels and the changes he has made (AndyBaird) .  Andy also runs the 'lifewithlazydazerv" Yahoo group.    Before I decided on slides and a Class A, I kept track of used LazyDaze RV's for sale.   Yesterday, I found an EM in my box referring me to a post I was tracking back then.  It is a 1994 LazyDaze, 27 foot, rear bath in Altoona, IA.  Here's the post from the Escapees Bulletin board, and the link to see the pics.  It has solar panels and a computer desk. It appears to be well taken care of.

"I have a 1994 26.5' RB Lazy Daze for sale. It is in very good shape, with 40,000 mi. For pictures and details go to my picasa album at  "

He has now lowered the price to $21,000 dollars and is taking all the carpet out to put in vinyl flooring. 

Ready, Set, GO!!  My brain is Off and Running...  ZOOM
I could sell my house and still have plenty of money to pay off my bills and be on the road in just a few months.  Forget 2 years!  I'm outta HERE!!  Forget the classes I need to take to learn medical transcription so I can earn money on the road, I'll figure out the money thing.  Forget starting a business.  Forget the extra space I thought I needed for the dogs so I wouldn't have to step over them to go to the bathroom.  Forget my worries about climbing up into, and out of, a bed.  Forget wanting a newer RV so I will be less likely to have break downs in or outside the rig.  Forget about slides.  Forget about getting into shape, It will work out.   Forget about putting my motorcycle on a lift (this rig has an external generator on the back bumper), it has a tow hitch, I can find a little car to tow.  Forget about planning and doing this all carefully, it works out for other people. 

I have put it down in black and white.  It actually sounds less crazy in writing than it feels in my head. 
Will I?
Not sure.
Probably not.
The practical and scared part of me intrudes.  Remember, I tend to be slow at changes. 
It's nice to know I could :0)

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