Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Anticipated Oil Mess on the Gulf Coast.

'News' reports about the gulf coast oil spill are making me angry.  This is a horrible disaster that will have long term ecologic and economic impact.  It IS horrible and IS dramatic.  They really don't need to make stuff up.  I keep hearing reports that the government 'didn't act soon enough' and 'underestimated the severity' of the spill.  Well, the truth is, they assumed it would be the the largest spill ever, from the beginning.   Within 2 days of the fire, they had people, money and stuff en route to the area.  Containing and cleaning up the oil. 

The 'news' agencies make news that just isn't there.   I'm sure there are a ton of stories out there about why the automatic shut off didn't work.  The different clean-up tactics.  Companies that make the oil spill clean up stuff and how they are now having to work overtime to keep up with demand.  Interviews about what effects the oil will have (they can use file footage for the dramatic pictures).  How about interviews/pictures about the oil rig, how it's set up, how the fire started and how the fire effected the safety stuff meant to stop the spill.     Interviewing experts about what plans the oil company has/ or should have in place to handle an oil spill (I'm sure the oil company itself won't be giving any interviews)  It goes on & on.  There is so much interesting stuff to do, why spend so much time dogging on the government right now?  It's not helpful.

RV thoughts for the day: 
I hope all the clean up efforts work.  I'm looking forward to some RV time on the gulf coast.  I've only been in an ocean 2 times and never got to sleep with the sound of waves in the background.  The Gulf Coast looked like it would be the cheapest place for me to spend time near the ocean.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it won't all be covered in sludge by the time I can get there. 

Hope all is well out there is blog land and you are not being blown down the road. 

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