Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wind Phobic?

High Wind. I read about people, not having fun, when the wind is blowing. Sounds like an RV is not the optimum place to sleep or to drive when the wind is kicking up. I have a confession to make. I will tolerate ANY other kind of weather besides wind. Gusting wind, especially. It truly makes me disoriented, unhappy, and forgetful. It wears me out. I worked in a psych unit in Wyoming for a little bit. When I was there, we could anticipate more beds being filled when we had wind. In Wyoming, there would be 2-3 days of hard gusty wind at a time. I got out of there as soon as I could.  I can see myself moving my RV to avoid wind more than any other weather. I’ll have to make sure I can get wind predictions for my spots in my weather forcast. In Denver and living in a sticks & bricks, wind is not as big a concern for me. I will start watching the weather reports for wind predictions and see if they any more accurate than the other weather predictions :0)


Merikay said...

Where do you hide?

I was raised in Wisconsin and although I miss the thunderstorms (none here in the California coastal mts.) I don't miss the afternoons spent in the basement during tornado warnings.

It seems RV's are particularly vulnerable and yet I don't recall reading any specific article about them in the storm season.

Judy and Emma said...

In an RV, you are more concious of wind than anyone living in a sticks and bricks! Having been blown off the road by a sudden gust a few years back in Arizona makes me really watch the wind forecasts when I'm driving. ;(