Friday, May 21, 2010

Phew!! I still have a job!!

We did my annual evaluation at work yesterday.  Everything went fine.  My "improvement I need to work on" is being more approachable when I'm working in the office.  I also need to work on my attitude, a little bit, when working in the office.  I can't argue with this, I HATE working in the office and I'm sure it shows.  I also don't understand why it's necessary to work in the office once per week.  I don't see that it helps anyone, I'm grumpier (obviously my co-workers don't enjoy that).  Surely I'm less kind to the callers when I am grumpier.  I've got no problem coming in when there is a reason; like clients visiting the call center or if we've got new people starting that need the support.  I just don't see why I need to wake up 2 hours earlier, put on uncomfortable clothes, leave my crazy dogs, drink cold coffee, and be surrounded by noise, just because the rule is that I have to work in the office one shift per week.    I thought I was doing well not being tacky with the dopey callers.  I guess they want more :0(  O.k. rant over. After my time off next week, I will work on being more approachable and having a better attitude when I'm working in the office.  I do still need this job for a couple more years. 

On the good side...  In the back of my head I kept thinking.  This would be a good time, next year, to clue my supervisor in on my plans to leave in Feb.  Won't That BE COOL!!!!  Big Smiles all around. 

I'm wondering if I am having another moment of 'things falling together' that future full timers talk about having when they are getting ready to go.  After work, I was talking to someone about my truck and that I'm going to have to sell it to get something smaller.  I started talking about what I will be able to get for it.  My research has shown I would be able to get $1300 if I'm really lucky.  Trade in value would be about $850.  I made it clear I wasn't ready to sell anytime soon.  So, this guy asks me.  "If you could get $2500 dollars would you sell it now?"  He has a friend that has been looking for a truck just like mine (I didn't ask why).  I said yes.  He's going to make a phone call and will get hold of me if it's a go. So I may be shopping for a towed sooner than I thought.  Good thing RV magazine had an article on good toweds, I cut it out to save.  The magazine is one my Dad got for free when we went to the RV show and he passes them on to me.  I just picked up the magazine when I went to lunch with mom this week. 

3 more days of work (working from home I might add) and then I have a week off.  Dog park trips are in the plan, selling the fish tanks, and having reg maintenance done on the truck is in the plan.  Maybe I'll also take a tour of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory in Boulder?

Hope all is well in blogland.  Take care and be gentle with each other. 

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Merikay said...

I think things come together because we keep telling our story to anyone who will listen (other than the boss!). Sometimes it falls on deaf ears, and sometimes we meet with someone who can help us or needs something we do not.

Today I met a new friend. Someone who is a full timmer. I'm going to write about her today.