Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stilly Dying After All These Years :-)

So I'm starting off with a bad pun.  Don't like it? Build a bridge and get over it.  It's my blog and I'll pun If I want to!!  :0) 

How are you?  I'm awesome!  Still on vacation!  The big hair decision was made with the assistance of my fine hair stylist.  I'm still colored up but it's darker and this color will slowly fade over time.  Making my roots blend better as it grows.  I'm not a big style girl.  A pony tail or hair up in a big clip and I'm good to go.  She styled my hair really neat.  One of those styles that looked like I had spent hours on it to look like I had just rolled out of bed.  It even lasted all day.  Usually styles fall out of my hair in about 2.5 minutes.  I won't discuss trying to brush out the hairspray before bed.  It looked fabulous but it was for looking not for touching.  It's fun to do once in a while.

Fish tank sales are slow.  Selling stuff on Craig's list is a pain.  People say they will show up to look or call and they don't.  That's why I decided to wait until I had days off of work to sell this thing.   Oh well, it is free and gets lots of exposure, one can't have it all.  Someone is supposed to come look at it today after 4:00 we'll see if he actually shows. 

Truck will be in the shop until Wednesday.  I'm glad I got a rental.  No Dog Park until then...  SHH don't tell the crazy dogs that the plan is altered.  Work on the truck didn't cost as much as I thought, but will still be a dent in the pocket. 

I'm off to suck some coffee and check out everyone in blog land.  CYA!!  Take care and be gentle with each other. 
  • Beautiful Colorado weather with air conditioning when it gets too hot
  • Craigslist...  Where else could I go to post a huge fish tank for sale.  
  • Good mechanic, I can rely on to be honest and only do the work he needs to.  
  • Crazy dogs that make me smile everyday
  • Not working for a week 

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HVAC Man said...

I'm still colored up but it's darker and this color will slowly fade over time.