Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feeling Festive and Nostalgic

The last 4 tapes I've moved to the computer are Christmas music.  I have to listen to the music. after I've transferred it to the computer, to make sure the quality is o.k. and to label the tracks.  I had a little Christmas in May hour.  I had Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, which is all instrumental but beautiful.  Great music to open presents to.  Songs I don't remember hearing before.  Bing Crosby's White Christmas.  That boy could sing!!  I might have to track down some more of his stuff.  What other secrets might that other generation be keeping from us?

Going throught these tapes, and thinking of RVing as I do.  I've been running through my head about why we keep the things we do?  I've decided I will hang on to one bin of keepsakes.  Stuff that has no real function except memories for me.  I have one box of "keepsakes" I've been lugging around since I moved out of my parents house.  I guess I will have to go through that box before I hit the road.  I haven't been through the box in about 10 years and I wonder if there will be anything in there that I just have to keep longer?  I know, when family members have died, I pick one thing of theirs that reminds me of them.  I have a tie clip from one grandfather (that will go in my bin), an old baseball cap from another grandfather, and dog collars from dogs that have moved on.  Wonder what someone would choose if they wanted a reminder of me?  Interesting what we attach memories to. 

Only 3 more working days until I have a week off.  Today, tomorrow and Wednesday :0)


Merikay said...

One recommendation I have read is to take pictures of anything you want to remember. That and storage r a good solution.

Diana said...

I'm a little bit concerned that you may be thinking that you have to get rid of more stuff than you really have to. Take it easy!

Also, there are stores where you can trade in your CDs after you've put them on the computer.