Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lucky Me!

Wish it were a post to say I made the lottery...  Not so much.  Yesterday I got to talk with my Mom.  We've both been busy and not connecting much recently.  My luck is with my family.  I have great support for my plan to hit the road!!  They don't treat me like I'm crazy or drill me much :0)  Maybe it's because they know I've always been baseline crazy.  Also found out that Mom has RV hook ups available at their place.  Always nice to have a spot to park.  Here's to being the crazy relative, living in an RV and traveling America!  Take care All.  I'm still plugging.  Tax refund checks made big dent in my debt and I'm back on track for being debt free before I move to the RV Feb. 2012. 

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Merikay said...

Good for you. Sometimes it can be tempting to send on other things, I'm glad you put it toward the debt. I'm working very hard to not buy anything! As I mentioned once before, we use the CCs for everything to help keep records, but this past month they were the lowest I've had in a couple of years!

Keep paying down and keep dreaming.