Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thinking.... what to take and what to get rid of

Uh Oh! She's thinking again.

Diana of Life on the open road left a comment expressing a concern about my purging urges.  What I know about preparing for a life of full-timing I've primarily learned from the internet and blogs.  I know I don't want to leave anything in storage.  I've gotten the impression that there just won't be room (weight/space allotment) for anything that is not useful.  I've limited myself to one box of stuff that is just keepsakes.  Memory items that have no use but I like to touch and see sometimes.  I know I can take some pics to stick up on the walls.  I want to limit or eliminate fragile items since things can get so rattled around when driving the rig.  With this in mind, while I'm waiting for my time, I often look at things in my home and think...  'that can go' and 'I'm taking that for sure' and 'that will be hard to let go, but I can't take it' and 'I could give that to so and so'

I'm gathering a big pile of cassettes that are now in my computer.  They will go in a box for my garage sales to come.  It's all about the Eagles this morning!  Doing some dish washing dancing and having party flashbacks with my coffee this morning :0)

  • Wonderful weather today so I can have all the windows open
  • Housecleaner is here today.  Clean sheets and bathrooms for the week. 
  • Good feelings to go with music memories
  • Amazon.com having album information and art work for old albums I'm transferring to the computer.   
  • Sleeping in, no alarms and no whining dogs today.   

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Merikay said...

At least you can make all of your own decisions. Craig has not parted with anything yet. I keep hand off his "stuff." And wonder how it will go. I think when it is closer to the time we put the house up for sale he will just dump a lot at once. For me it is easier to part with things a little at a time. And yes, much of it is just looking around and knowing what will go and saying a mental good-by.