Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thought For The Day – There is no shortcut to anywhere worth going.

Title of this blog entry, and the blog entry itself, courtesy of Nick's Blog.  Nick's is the first blog I read when I sit down to coffee.  It's good for a giggle, or a thought, or a rant, and he makes an entry every day.  I look forward to the day I get to meet Nick and Miss Terry down the road.

This thought hits me right at home.  With all my nickel squeezing and eating right I have to remember where I'm headed.  It will be worth all the hard work.  It will be so much fun.  I started this blog to find some like minded people, but I've found it has another purpose.  I have to keep my goal in sight but remember that the journey is interesting too.  I am changing, slowly.  Not just getting in better shape and paying off debt.  These are good things that, I'm sure are contributing to my better outlook, but I am changing as a person.  There are fewer days when I feel like I am just hanging on for dear life.  Moments that are actually joyful and, dare I say, peaceful.  I think/hope that full time RVing will be my route to making those moments last longer.   Makes me wonder where other people find their peace?  If you would have told me in October 2010 (RV Dreams Rally in Kerrville), when I was trying RVing for the first time, that it would lead to this...  I would have rolled my eyes like a 14 year old girl. 

I am not taking any shortcuts (though, if I win the lottery tomorrow I think I could manage) and this is surely a place worth going :0)


Judy and Emma said...

...and anywhere worth going is worth the work to get there. Fulltime RVing is not the cure for everything, but, for me, it was worth the work to get here.

John and Carol said...

Hi Katie,

It looks like you are making great progress towards your goal. Just take slow and steady steps (just like the turtle) and before you know it your dream will be a reality. We are so proud of you.

Carol & John (Kerrville neighbors)