Friday, May 28, 2010

New Look?

I'm going to get my hair cut & colored today.  I can't decide whether to get my regular color, brown with highlights, or to go more natural.  Brown with highlights is the improved version of what my hair was in my younger days.  As I've gotten older I gotten more and more grey hairs.  I like the grey I'm getting.  It's the pretty, shiny grey.  I lucked out there.  Some of my family has the pretty, shiny, white, grey.  The others get this blah dull grey.  I know I won't be able to afford regular color jobs once I go full-time RV.  Home coloring is not my thing.  I like the salt & pepper look but it just doesn't have enough of the salt in it yet.  I'll see what happens.  I LOVE my hairdresser.  She is funny and smart.  She LOVEs being a hairdresser.  So nice to work with someone that really loves her work.  I've been letting my hair grow out, and boy has it grown.  It's finally gotten too long, even for me.  I could never have long hair while I was growing up.  My hair was always too thin and it just looked greasy/stringy, when I grew it out.  Couldn't hold a hair clip or tie in to save my life.  As I've gotten older, my hair has gotten thicker (is it those grey ones helping out?).   I will keep it long, but needs to be trimmed up a bit. 

Took truck to the shop yesterday.  Rented a Hyundai Sonata.  Cool Car!  Problem is, no dogs allowed in the rental.  No dog park visits until I get the truck back :0(  Got the big fish tank posted on Craig's List and I've had a few bites.  Guy is coming by the house to look at it this afternoon.  Hate having strangers in my house but I'll take all precautions.  I remember moving this thing to my house.  It was a 10 hour day with three of us working at it.  Glad I won't be doing that again. 

It's going to be an air conditioning day today, heating up around here.  Take Care All!

  • Comfy chair to read blogs and drink coffee in
  • Air conditioning on hot days
  • A hairdresser I look forward to seeing and trust absolutely
  • Good dogs to keep me company, make me laugh, and scare strangers.
  • Good coffe that's inexpensive

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Merikay said...

I stopped coloring my hair about 5 years ago. It's so much easier with no roots always growing out. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I should do it again but stop myself.

I keep it short and straight now. (My blog picture is a couple of years out of date.)

Curly colored hair isn't going to make me younger.

I'm pretty comfortable with myself, and husband just takes his glasses off and tells me I'm pretty.

I always did it myself, I thought the cost at the beauty salons was an expense I could do without.